Somewhere in the world, A$AP Rocky is kicking self in the trousers for letting Chanel Iman go. Of food he is… why wouldn’t the be? especially considering how conveniently she obtained snatched.

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After a year of dating, Giants broad receiver Sterling Shepard and also A$AP Rocky’s ex Chanel Iman tie the knot!

The Victoria mystery model is officially turn off the sector after tie the knot this past weekend! ago in December, the brand-new York football player Sterling Shepard popped the question at Iman’s 27th date of birth party at SPIN brand-new York! She posted the special moment to Instagram v the caption:

sterl_shep3 you room my soulmate, my finest friend, mine everything! can not wait come be your Mrs. ??

A write-up shared by Chanel Iman (

Three month later, the couple made it main on Saturday in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Hotel. While the wedding was fairly low-key, it was a star-studded event with celebs like Gabrielle Union, Chrissy Teigen, Odell Beckham Jr., and also Joan Smalls in attendance. Fellow Victoria an enig Jourdan Dunn to be a bridesmaid a long with a couple of of Iman’s sisters. Other Giants player Odell Beckham Jr.

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together with Miami Dolphins vast receiver Kenny Stills were in Shepard’s wedding party.

Back in 2015, Rocky opened up up about his partnership with Iman,

“I acquired really depressed due to the fact that I knew that–she deserves much better than me.”

The 2 dated because that over a year and were also reportedly involved at one allude before calling the quits. It looks favor she go on to be with who she deserved. Congrats come the newest newlyweds top top the block!

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