Oppowebsite King Street Wharf 5,32 The Promenade,King Street Wharf,Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia.E-MAIL : res


Tright here are 3 parking stations within close proximity to the wharf.

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Shelley Street carpark, under the Macquarie Bank building Wilsons Parking, at the corner of Sussex and also Erskine Street Wilsons Parking, 321 Kent Street

Parking prices are available directly from the carpark operator. We perform not have actually any type of unique parking rates. There is often hefty website traffic in between 5:30pm-7:30pm in the city on Friday and also Saturdays, hence please enable enough time to facilitate parking and also arrive at the wharf a minimum of 30 minutes prior to leave.


Repursuit the taxi driver to take you to Lime Street on King Street Wharf. Alight close to the Malaya or Kobe Jones Restaurant and walk down to the Promenade. Our office is oppowebsite Wharf 5.


King Street Wharf is located on the Western waterfront of the CBD. You have the right to access King Street Wharf from either Erskine Street, King Street or from the waterfront promenade alongside Sydney Wildlife Park.


The closest station is Wynyard which is around 7 minutes walk amethod. Walk dvery own Erskine Street to King Street Wharf.

An alternate station is Tvery own Hall which is around 15 minutes walk ameans.


Government and also personal ferries run to King Street Wharf 3. Refer to ferry websites for details.


King Street Wharf is conveniently located on the western Harbour front of the Sydney CBD.

The place is conveniently available by taxi or occupychristmas.orgmute from the following hotels:

Park Hyatt (10 minutes by taxi) Shangri La Hotel (10 minutes by taxi) Four Seasons (10 minutes by taxi) Quay West (10 minutes by taxi) Sydney Harbour Marriott (10 minutes by taxi) Holiday Inn The Rocks (10 minutes by taxi) Intercontinental Hotel (10 minutes by taxi) Wynyard Travel Lodge (10 minutes walk) Amora Hotel (10 minutes walk) Radisboy Hotel (10 minutes walk) Westin Hotel (10 minutes walk) Sydney Hilton (15 minutes walk) Sheraton on the Park (15 minutes walk) Swiss Grand (15 minutes walk) Four Points Sheraton (5 minutes walk) Park Royal Darling Harbour (10 minutes walk) Novotel Darling Harbour (15 minutes walk) The Star (Casino Hotel) (15 minutes by taxi)LOCAL AREA

King Street Wharf is a spectacular Sydney Harbour waterfront location, which is cshed to the central CBD. King Street Wharf is renowned for its bars, restaurants and energetic nightlife.

King Street Wharf has a colourful history and was formerly called “The Tumbalong” by the original inhabitants – a area to uncover seafood. Because the European negotiation, the place was referred to as Cockle Bay. The precinct was officially called Darling Harbour in 1826, after its Governor Ralph Darling. In 1855, a railway products line was constructed right into the Darling Harbour mud flats which later on came to be a hugely successful and occupychristmas.orgmercial precinct of finger wharfs, waredwellings, sectors and also experienced mills.

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In late 1996, a grasp plan was arisen by the NSW federal government to convert wharf 9 and 10 right into a specialized multi-useful precinct, integrating Sydney Harbour charter vessels via a dining and also residential precinct. Today, King Street Wharf boasts some of Sydney’s leading restaurants and also the majority of well-known bars.