We rank these restaurants and also attractions through balancing reviews from ours members with how close they are to this location.

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We rank these restaurants and attractions by balancing evaluate from ours members with just how close they room to this location.

waited virtually 20 minute to reach the box office to view the black widow. When I come they said me castle were sold out. I had to drive approximately screen 1 just to view 4 full lanes in the back by the concession was standing unused. I stopped and the guy working there claimed I require a ticket---no REALLY. I asked why every these spots to be open as soon as I was told they were offered out. He had no answer except to tell me I require a ticket. After nearly 30 years of attending this drive in ns am done v this journey inn. Shed customer. last time i go there.

Classic journey in, constantly clean, present movies and of course dual feature. We just love this place!

This ar is awesome! You acquire two movies because that the price that one and bring the night owl ns am ns love the the 2nd show is later than most theaters begin a show. The concessions are reasonably priced and also the staff room friendly. I love the retro movies and they have actually special events around Halloween and from time come time. Ns love this place and hope that a lasting establishment in mine city.

I\"ve been coming here since I was a small kid. I miss out on the days when you can carry your own food and also drink because that the movie, yet I totally understand the this is basically one of the only ways that they have the right to stay open is the concession sales. And also because the this, they have actually really stepped up the quality, customer service, and the variety of what lock sell. The prices are pretty reasonable too v their coupons and specials during the season too. I love how they update the bathroom this year.Keep Going! i hope I will certainly be frequenting her drive in for countless many an ext years!!!!

Two movie one price, $5 for youngsters 11 and under $10 for anyone else. Concession stand is pretty reasonable too. Ice cream cream, burgers, popcorn, warm dogs, soda, nachos, candy, and also more. Restrooms are remodeled (not what they to be in the 1980\"s). Drive in movie theaters are an American legacy that every kid needs to suffer a pair times every year. Auto Rama preservation the suffer with the old preview cuts and also intermission films.
Movie was an excellent but the driveway was horrible!!! They should put part money ago into the drive-in!!! girlfriend can\"t lug in external food or beverage!!! vehicle lights were sometime annoying,but no as much as almost consistent trains pass by!!
The autorama is a blast indigenous the past and also is a great place to make memories through family and also friends! capture a dual feature and grab part goodies native the concession stand!
If you are a baby boomer this is a blast native the past. Taking your favorite girl to view a flick, gaining some snacks and also sneaking a smooch or two!
great drive-in experience. Now with quiet train crossings naught disturbs movie. Retro movie nights room great.
There to be a drive-in theatre in my house town in upstate brand-new York. This place is very reminiscent of that one. Double features because that a good price ($10 for each adult, can\"t complain around that), food is reasonable priced (this is a movie theater after all). You have the right to buy big popcorn tubs the come v a complimentary refill - one that is great indefinitely. We often buy one popcorn bathtub and obtain the cost-free refill following time us go back. This also works year to year - just save your huge tub. Mine wife and I have actually been going right here every summer we have known each other. Us look front to it opening, and also go every summer long until your Trunk or law closing in October.

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The drive-in is still open on weekends. There are special events sometimes. Perhaps some events/movies regarded Halloween will certainly be over there on the days you have in mind..... Most likely would be ideal to offer them a call.
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