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After the hoping and the praying and the wishingGirl, you're all up in my faceI've never before been the one to bite my tongue. (No, no.)I have actually not one word to say. (Mmmm.)I'm mesmerized by your sexy eyesAnd your soft and lovely skin. (Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.)I desire this fiasco to finish, so baby, we can begin almost everywhere againListen, I wanna be ableI wanna have the ability to love you. Oh, II wanna be able and let me be the one to please you. Oh, IAs sure as the sun shines everywhere the earthYou're among God's most valuable worksSee, I'm a guy and also we make mistakesSo please don't take your love ameans. Oh, ahDon't take your love amethod. (Don't take.)Baby, don't take your love amethod, babyI require you girlDon't take your love amethod. (Oh, oh, oh.)Don't take your love away(Don't take your love ameans.)Don't take you love ameans from me, my baby(Baby, don't take your love away from me. I require you.)Don't take your love away, baby
Mama said "don't put your hands in the cookie jar."She sassist, "Son, have regulate."She shelp "every little thing that's sweet ain't good for you, no(That's what she sassist.)And everything that glitters ain't gold." (Mmmm.)And now that you're goneI realized (Yes I carry out.) I shed my heart. (Preach.)And I don't wanna pass the torchBaby, have the right to you give me another (one more) chanceI wanna be able, (Mmmm, hmmm.)Able to carry out whatever I didin't carry out before for you, baby(I wanna be able.) Listen, I wanna love you, oh, oh, oh, over and over againGotta host myself together and also remain strongBaby, you've been gone too longSee, I'm a man and we make mistakesSo baby, baby, baby, don't take your love away(Don't take your love ameans.) I'll obtain down on my hands and knees(Baby, don't take your love away from me.)Begging, begging you please, (I need you, girl.)(Don't take your love ameans.) Don't, don't leave me now(Don't take your love away.) I need you right here via me(Don't take your love amethod.) Please, please, please, please, please, yeah(Baby, don't take your love ameans from me. I require you.)Don't take your love away

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See, girl, I understand that I hurt you so (Girl, I know)With every one of those girls that were in my world. (In my world)Now Stacy and also Kim, damn all of themGirl, I wanna give you whatever that I can(Everypoint, yeah.) Oh, ohI know you're worn down of my games, (Of my games)Tired of my lies. (Of my lies)Baby, this time I promise it'll be alright(No, no, no, no, no, no.) No longer will certainly you ever before be led astrayBaby, listen to the words I say(Don't take your love amethod.) Yeah, yeah(Baby, don't take your love ameans from me.)Yes. Don't take your love, no. (I require you, girl.)(Don't take your love amethod.) I've been browsing right here and there, everywhere(Don't take your love amethod.) And can't discover no one choose you, girl(Don't take your love ameans.) Don't take your love away(Baby, don't take your love amethod from me.)Listen to me, lady, lady, lady. (I require you.)(Don't take your love.) Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm