Chad reviews AZIO"s MGK 1 backlit mechanical gaming key-board. He appears rather impressed for what you obtain for the price. Take a look.

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If we had to think earlier to the just AZIO branded key-board we have actually viewed this far, it really does not carry earlier the memories of somepoint high technology or anypoint even more than standard usability. This is bereason that only key-board was the Large Print 3 Color keyboard, which did offer backlighting which is a vast plus, it was and is even more geared to the older crowd or anyone with vision worries. Since the majority of people who are competent via keying perform not tend to look at the keyboard, there really is no need for the mainstream user to have actually such a keyboard. On the flip side of the name game, their sister company Levetron readily available the finish oppowebsite. This time rubber dome switches are tossed in favor of mechanical switches, and also through aggressive styling, and also a detachable number pad, we did see a key-board geared straight towards the gaming sector also.

So, wbelow does this leave us now? Well, this AZIO keyboard keeps mechanical secrets, supplies backlighting, and the architecture is based through a bruburned steel optimal. We carry out not feel comfortable saying mid-array, mediocre, or lower-finish, but we will say that while being incredibly stylish, it definitely is nowbelow near as aggressive as the Levetron solution. This latest sample is able to stand on its very own as a optimal tier giving, yet AZIO finds the way to deliver every one of this without chauffeurs, yet still supplying the customers plenty of use.

Today we find ourselves reviewing the AZIO MGK 1, kind of a companion to the EXO 1 mouse we simply saw. While this design offers a grey colored brushed steel peak, the tricks are babsence, and also the sides sell a splash of bbest red to accent this design. By utilizing double usability on the Function secrets, AZIO is able to deliver a practical key-board via all of what we formerly stated, yet still discover room for multimedia tricks, a Windows lockout, lighting and brightness switches, and likewise provides switchable 6KRO or NKRO assistance and anti-ghosting. This is really a key-board that requirements to be checked out and felt to truly appreciate, however we will certainly carry out our best to convey what we uncover via this MGK 1 mechanical keyboard.

AZIO offers us via a simple chart of specifications where we watch that this USB powered keyboard uses Kailh blue switches across the entire 104 essential layout. Tbelow is LED backlighting under each keycap, and going a bit even more, they can be changed in brightness, turned off, or even put right into a reenergetic mode wright here the lights stay lit for a couple of secs after the key is pressed. There is 6 feet of braided cable to make the connection to the COMPUTER, and also even though 2.3 pounds seems prefer a lot for a key-board, compared to many type of various other offerings, this is a featherweight. There is additionally a list of the Hottricks that incorporate keys for the web browser, email, the calculator, media player, multi media secrets, and others we have pointed out, however we carry out watch that the volume adjustment is done via a wheel a lot like Logitech offers. Along with the Windows compatibility, we view the dimensions of the keyboard, and also that it carries a three-year warranty.

Aesthetically, we are taking care of a smaller sized, or making use of just the space essential to gain the secrets into the architecture via simply a little of trim around them. While the bottom and sides are made of plastic, and also molded in red, the height of the keyboard is something different all together. Tbelow we uncover cylindrical key caps all painted black via the legends and iconography left white from the original spreading of the key caps. Under every one of the caps are of course the Kailh switches, which are then mounted to the brushed metal peak plate of this key-board. The shade favored is sort of a smoky grey shade once checked out in brighter lighting, yet as soon as the LEDs are in play, and also given that the LED is practically blue fairly than true white, the color you are left via in the dark is practically identical to that of the top of the EXO 1 mouse.

What really puts the remainder of the sector in check, sans a choose few that we have actually watched in our time here, is the ultra low pricing we discovered this keyboard being offered for. The MSRP upon release was collection at $89.99 and for a mechanical keyboard, that is on the low-finish of the scale. Consider though that at both Newegg and also Amazon, currently both are offering the AZIO MGK 1 for simply $70 with cost-free shipping at either place. Kicking one more $20 off an already reduced priced key-board is not a sign of weakness, as this key-board has been a actual trooper in our testing.

Packaging, Accessories and also Documentation

The front of the packaging supplies an extremely huge picture of the MGK 1 front and facility, and is the initially we are seeing that it comes via a wrist remainder too. We also view that this is marketed as a backlit mechanical keyboard that is elegantly fierce.

On the shorter finish of package, we discover a mini image of the key-board off to the appropriate, and every one of the same categorizing and descriptive terms from the front. What we execute like is that package has actually been sealed so that you know it is fresh from the factory and not tampered via.

The much longer side again covers what we have actually already watched, through the message at this end and also a tiny picture of the keyboard at the various other. We are not going to present the opposing side, as it supplies multi-lingual specifications charts, and also we will check out the English variation anymethods.

The other little end of package supplies an identical panel to its opplace, but we do prefer seeing the sealed box on this finish too.

On the ago of the packaging, we discover a really huge photo of the keyboard taking up the majority of of the panel through eight attributes described and also stated about it. Off to the right side is a full list of specifications and it also shows us that in package is the keyboard, the palm remainder, and a thank you card.

Opening the box, we discover that the MGK 1 is wrapped in plastic, and also both ends are sustained with high thickness foam finish caps. The cable is wrapped up and preserved in location in the folded over bits of cardboard at the back.

Under the MGK 1, we found the give thanks to you card that also offers indevelopment for unsatisfied customers, the clip in palm remainder made of plastic, and also we even discovered a red crucial puller consisted of inside of package.

The left side of the MGK 1 is bideal red and mostly plastic, and also additionally has actually a crosshatch pattern applied that renders it a little easier to grab and relocate. Along the top, we view the thickness of the metal peak plate, and over that, we find the key caps angbrought about the earlier.

On the F1 via F6 tricks, we view that they all market dual use. While pushing the Function essential, you can lug up the web browser, examine mail, use the calculator, or load the media player. The F5 essential uses a rewind essential, and the F6 is used for play/pause attributes.

F7 is the fast forward key, while F8 is the soptimal switch. F9 offers a Windows lock out, F10 decreases brightness and F11 rises it, while the F12 cycles via off, on, and also a follow the crucial presses mode.

While we perform get to check out the whole left side of the vital layout as well as noticing the futuristic looking font, we have the right to also see just a little of the red from underneath, and the bluish grey shade of the brushed metal peak plate.

At the peak best corner of the MGK 1, we find that tright here are LEDs denoting the Numbers lock, the Caps lock, and the Windows lockout functions are energetic by illuminating when they are. We likewise find the mute button and rubberize volume wheel.

The number pad and also regulates are all as they need to be, as well as through the arrowhead secrets. Points to note are things favor the extra arrow tricks on the numbers, and the roll over assistance keys on the Insert and Delete tricks at the optimal left.

Extfinishing the feet puts a far better angle of strike on the crucial caps. We likewise watch that on the right finish, it is aget red to match the left side, and also offers the design embossed on it to aid grip this side too.

The bottom of the keyboard is greatly level red plastic. With the manufacturer sticker in the facility, rubber pads at the corners, and a groove at the front to snap in the palm rest, the just point left to address is the flip out feet, which have actually no added grip offered on them.

The USB cable is braided on the outside of a rubberized black cable. It is six feet from the keyboard to the gold plated USB 2.0 link, and also even offers a ferrite choke to remove any kind of noise.

Rerelocating a few of the crucial caps, we can check out that this does indeed market Kailh blue switches. We have the right to also check out the LED over each of the switches.

The caps we removed are first molded in white. After that they are taken and also painted, leaving the legends and iconography exposed, permitting the LEDs to backlight each essential.

Inside the MGK 1

After taking apart the MGK 1, we found that tbelow is a really short ribbon cable that is tough to remove from the PCB on the reduced red area. The USB cable is soldered straight to the main PCB, and with the switches being installed to the metal top plate, the PCB does not come ameans from that plate.

If you had actually the inclicountry that as a result of price they would cut corners, that is not what we see at all. Even somepoint as small as removing the residue from the soldering process is addressed leaving a very clean PCB inside.

The MCU in question is this 8-little bit Holtek HT66F8560. This will take treatment of this feature set as well as the traffic, and also additionally supplies the flash memory for the preset use of the additional butloads.

We also uncovered this Holtek HT68F40 which we initially thought might be some form of a USB controller, however upon seeing the specifications, we discover this to be yet an additional 8-bit MCU through onboard flash. Maybe one does the talking and also the other runs the settings.

With every little thing earlier together, we also included the palm remainder to present you what that looks like together. The front of the remainder is sloped right to the table, and also with dimples almost everywhere the top, it clips in slightly better than the metal optimal plate.

Believe it or not, the keyboard is currently powered and also totally illuminated. We have set off every one of the locks for this photo, and also you can view they are certainly visibly illuminated.

We execute feel that this keyboard needed another action up in brightness, as we took among the key caps off to display just how bbest it isn"t. While we need to watch nearly an over glow result, via the caps molded in white, unmuch less it is close to dark in the room, the LEDs are hard to distinguish.

Final Thoughts

No doubt that the MGK 1 is stylishly straightforward, yet is able to gain quite a little bit out of this driverless option in mechanical keyboards. The bright red sides of this keyboard go well through many kind of situation develop themes and would certainly feel ideal at residence in many workplaces. The sleek look of the bluish grey brumelted metal height takes this from something only a gamer would usage, to somepoint your coemployees might envy on your desk also. With the additional features available throughout the optimal, not just covering the multimedia secrets, but likewise supplies hot keys for the browser and also such at take a lot less time than moving the mouse and also clicking on symbols. Offering swappable 6KRO and NKRO and also anti-ghosting are likewise huge plusses to think about, and also while lighter than most remedies, it is still sturdy and resistant to flex and vibrations.

Tright here are just a pair of complaints we would choose to address, though. First, tright here is the lighting concern. In our opinion, the lighting is more blue than white and might contribute to the brightness doing not have. We do feel, however, that compared to the majority of other offerings, these are a bit dim no issue just how you shake the stick. The second thing we noticed is that these Kailh switches appeared a little soft. Considering we generally use them, and the last few keyboards prior to this all sported the exact same switches, we have a feel for what they must be. They are audible, and take a trip well, yet for some reason we cannot define, the activation pressure does not feel as heavy as the Poseidon Z forged before this, or any kind of various other for that matter.

While your initial impressions when we addressed the pricing may have left you through a little bit of a chip on your shoulder, assuming they have to have provided up something to offer this sort of a deal. The reality is that under every rock and approximately eextremely edge, mechanically and through the quality manage, tbelow is not one major thing to comsimple about.

Even though we did air a grievance or two, we still feel that via an asking price of roughly $70 to your door, you truly perform get your money"s worth with the MGK 1. It is hard to deny the pricing, the stylish looks, and when you realize it is at least $25 cheaper than many kind of rivals, you too will begin to really appreciate the AZIO MGK 1 mechanical gaming keyboard like we do.

Quality including Deauthorize and Build95%
General Features91%
Bundle and also Packaging90%
Value for Money99%

The Bottom Line: AZIO"s MGK 1 is sleek and also sexy to look at, uses mechanical backlit switches, and also it is drivermuch less. Even so, tright here are plenty of functions and also a good price suggest to make the majority of customers exceptionally happy.

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