Gotta find my means back home, I\"ve been away come longGotta find my method back home, I\"m moving...War Lords, us all Lords, however we her LordsTryna uncover home, next stop is the WaldorfPast the racism and also fake-ismType of hate that do you feel worse than a rape victim, life dogsYou various other rappers foolish soft, mad i rap mine ass offThey throwin\" mats off, till i go bathtub saltOn wax, spitting warm to melt the wax offI\"m mr Miyagi and Issey MiyakeAss hole flow, fuck name brands, past logosNow I\"m onto grand raps, hands so low, uhIt\"s favor my fashion style is the life saverGuess she wasn\"t satisfied with titties that Christ gave herBragging that her new ass shots is a life changerHead so great on the girl that I could pay her, or noSuper laid ago cat, opposite of fat black, Al CaponeTell castle lil\" niggas Flacko homeGotta find my method back homeI\"ve been means too longGotta find my means back homeI\"ve been method too longGotta find my means back homeI\"ve been way too longGotta discover my method back homeI\"ve been means too longFather, mr forgive me as I pack up the semiRoll with the city, that Joseph is in meHold it, don\"t load it, reload itOn plenty, any, That ever voted versus me, dissed mePissed me off then make the efforts to organize it against meOr wish we off the worst luck that ever before hatedNever hesitated, the designated (all the the wrong) they walk meYou stored in my memory every one of the doors that I believed ofMeans walk from mine enemiesSippin\" holy water like it\"s bore from my kidneysLoad the smoke like a chimney, make a toast for the memoriesMake a toast for the henny, it\"s the best for the remediesEnergy, synergy, frienemies, industriesFinna get benefit on him and also his nemesisBitches been sniffingIf I, if i ain\"t the greatest, bitch I\"m among emHow in the fuck can you former on emMy old ho beefing, my ex won\"t it is in friendsBronson told me no to eat ham, remainder in tranquility YamsRest in peace Yams, RIP A$AP YamborghiniWe gon\" take it up city one timeWe gon\" take em back, present em just how me doThey contact me pretty Flacko ladies and gentlemenI\"d like to introduce Pretty Flacko SirYasiin BeyMagnum spectacular, black guy megalasShine amethyst, paris champion, it\"s favor that againWhat\"s happening? Mathematics understand blin\"Flacko season, every day, errydayAsk me exactly how it\"s going, ns tell em on and on and also on and also on andYou led me out to Steady flowing, staying goldenSand cover, ready RoverFlacko glowing in the Owens, that\"s how it\"s goingAwareness come the areas, familiar with the routesTravellin man, moving through places room in timeIn a nation called EarthNah\"mean, these tack ass mah\"fucker be in the pictures. Put on all varieties of mom fuckin\" red and green stripes, end accessorizing the end this mom fucker. We from Harlem, we provided y\"all mother fucker this wave. Grab y\"all surfboards, reason y\"all obtained your boogy boards all set now. Ya\"ll just gon\" store watching united state at the beach show with your mom fuckin\" khaki\"s rolled up. Chancletas in her hand and also we simply gon\" store surfing in this mother fucker. Straight up. It\"s ya boy, A$AP Yams, Yamborghini.

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Yo absent man, allow these mommy fuckers recognize what it is out this mother fucker. A$AP, bitch!
Writer(s): Frans Chaim Mernick, Dante Smith, Darryl Washington, Melvin Steals, Rakim Mayers, Malcolm Joshua Martin