Bailee Madison is well known for her cunning on-screen performances who has actually starred in hit movies favor Bridge to Terabithia, and also Brothers. She is likewise known because that her role as Snow White in the drama series Once ~ above a Time, as Sophia Quinn in the drama series The Fosters, and as Grace Russell in the comedy-drama series Good Witch.

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Who is she boyfriend?

Regarding her love life, currently, she is dating American music Artist, Blake Richardson. Previously, she was connected with miscellaneous guys including singer Emery Kelly, Alex Lange, and Zachary Gordon.

Her friend Blake Richardson

Back in 2019, Bailee Madison evidenced her relationship with new Hope Club tape member and lead singer Blake Richardson via a tongue-in-cheek tweet. The pair met while functioning on the music video for Blake’s band’s song titled Love Again.

Bailee Madison and Emery Kelly / Instagram

The pair abruptly damaged up ~ a couple of months of dating.

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Zachary Gordon

In 2013, Zachary Gordon and Bailee Madison to be rumored to be dating. The duo met on the collection of the 2013 movie Pete’s Christmas in i beg your pardon Gordon dram the titular character. They became close friends and also thereafter were spotted together on multiple occasions, i beg your pardon sparked your dating rumor.