Every burn question has actually been answered, and Steven world \"s 5th season has involved an end. It\"s difficult to imagine there was a time once we were laughing at Watermelon Stevens or talking around how negative we disliked Lars. We have actually now watched the rise and also fall that many good people and gems. Ns am a different person because of what I\"ve seen and I\"ll never forget what this display did for me.

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On Jan. 21, the finale that season 5 aired in a 45-minute special referred to as Battle that heart and also mind . This episode was an installment of the Diamond Days special and was otherwise well-known as Change her Mind .

So much happened in the 45 minutes. I discovered myself check the staying time, thinking the illustration must be over soon, just to see I had barely hit the 12-minute mark. This entire display shook me to mine core, readjusted me together a person, and made me cry an ext than any type of cartoon has ever done in my whole life.

Steven cosmos

Fusion strength A fascinating adventure because that \"kids\" of all ages. Earth as you understand it has adjusted in countless strange and fascinating ways. Check out this brand-new world v the eyes of Steven, a young young with unique gifts bestowed upon the by his giant space Mom.

Obviously there will certainly be a few spoilers in this piece, but everything right here is based upon information that was presented from the begin of season one come the end of season 5. If girlfriend haven\"t viewed the season finale yet go capture up and also then come earlier to us afterwords!

Feel cost-free to share your very own thoughts as well!

How to clock Cartoon Network if you\"ve cut the cord

All that the fusions in battle of Heart and also Mind

Ever because we learned the gem fusion was possible we\"ve all want to watch what every combination of every gem looked like. As soon as we got to the season finale and also there to be still so numerous we hadn\"t watched I was losing hope that us would be able to see castle all.

Then, similar to that, every blend came together over the food of just a few minutes. We even got to watch the Rainbow Quarts refuse v Pearl and also Steven rather of Rose.

One fusion we didn\"t acquire to view was one in between Lapis Lazuli and Peridot. Those two have been through Hell and high water together, but we\"ve never seen lock fuse. Ns don\"t think I\"m really upset by it. The course ns ship them, however I think the fact that castle don\"t fuse simply goes to present their respect because that one another was stronger than we all thought. Why? Well, think about it.

Lapis Lazuli remained in an abusive connection for months before she to be set cost-free by Steven and the crystal Gems. Peridot, top top the various other hand, was someone who never obtained to learn just how to love herself due to the fact that she spent most of she life gift looked down on or compelled to think logically come the allude of self-deprivation. Currently look in ~ them. Lapis stands tall while sporting a smile instead of cowering through her arms folded throughout her chest. Peridot never stops trying come do far better things and also smiles through her friends instead of detect the tiny moments to it is in useless. These jewel now have actually confidence and love for themselves and I\"m much more happy about that 보다 I am uncomfortable they didn\"t fuse.

I regret being curious around Steven\"s Gem

What would happen if Steven poofed was among the inquiries I have always been asking since the start of the show.

The moment Pink Diamond\"s fingernails wrapped roughly the edge of Steven\"s Gem i was just as terrified together I was curious. After simply a couple of moments the translucent number of his mommy formed and also for a 2nd there ns honestly believed Steven to be going to lastly get the possibility to fulfill his mother ... Climate something even far better happened.

The form fluctuated between shapes and showed a time slide away of all the forms that Pink Diamond provided over the food of her life. Then, much to the surprised of everyone in the room, it ended with Steven.

Just Steven.

It transforms out Pink Diamond isn\"t hiding deep within her gem or in any type of sort of paused conscious. She truly provided up her kind and every little thing that she was so Steven can be a human in this world and love every the things she was so passionate about. There was never a Pink Diamond and Steven Universe.

It was always just Steven Universe: A boy whose mommy sacrificed every little thing to do him. A boy who learned how to grow up much faster than any type of 14-year-old ever before should. A pinnacle the hope and also encouragement for his friends and also family. The very definition of personality development, never giving up faith in someone, and also finding beauty beauty in everything.

A true Diamond in the rough and, you understand what? I always knew he was and I\"m so happy he lastly realized that too.

Battle the Heart and also Mind recap: adjust your mental

In the end they\"re all one big happy family. Steven was able to convince White Diamond to watch the error of her means and try a brand-new style that life that didn\"t focus on the perfection the herself and everyone around her. The did this by calling she a child and also causing she to blush. When White walk off color she witnessed a cons in herself, possibly for the very first time ever, and immediately damaged down. Steven conserved the day v his notorious his heart-to-heart talk, miscellaneous he\"s constantly been great at, and convinced her that every little thing was walking to it is in okay.

It\"s it s okay to no be perfect as long as you\"re gift true to yourself and you aren\"t hurting anyone.

\"It\"s simply me. Its constantly been me\" - Steven universe

The gems all went ago to planet with the Diamonds and immediately collection a food to fixing the corruption. The ending scene the the episode looks virtually like a household vacation in ~ Rose\"s fountain. Simply look at all of them swim in the heal waters and also enjoying every others company. This isn\"t the Diamonds judgment over these gems with an steel fist. It\"s a bunch of jewel hanging out and also just existing . White Diamond doesn\"t even seem all the phased to be sharing such a tight space with \"inferior\" gems.

This method the one lesson ns truly think Rebecca Sugar created Steven cosmos for has been learned come its fullest extent: You are allowed, and also expected, to design yourself. They don\"t must respect you since you respect you. Castle don\"t must love you due to the fact that you love you, but it\"s it s okay to gain to know someone. No matter what you\"ve to be through, that you are, and how you\"re changing: Everyone deserve to be redeemed.

And that\"s for this reason beautiful.

What room your thoughts?

In my ethical opinion if this was the last illustration of Steven cosmos to ever finish I would be happy. The story concerned an finishing that\"s satisfied everything I can have ever before wanted. I have never, in mine life, to be so satisfied v the finale the a show.

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Drop a comment listed below or shoot me a Tweet and tell me what you\"re think are. I, for one, am still crying. Even as I write this right now.