On Running Wild with Bear Grylls, the British survival instructor takes some of the greatest A-list stars on breathtaking survival adendeavors. While they're beautiful at times, they're likewise occupychristmas.orgplex and frequently dangerous.

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Season 3 — which you deserve to stream for totally free on 9Now — has viewed some of the biggest names undertaking out with Bear Grylls, consisting of Courteney Cox and also Nick Jonas. Both stars got to their physical limits while providing insight right into their lives (they were obviously very vulnerable!). Here's what Bear made them perform, and also what they revealed around themselves.

Courteney Cox opens up up around her career

While navigating throughout a deep chasm, Courteney Cox was, understandably, freaking out. After making it throughout despite feeling prefer she couldn't, the star caught her breath prior to breaking dvery own in tears.

Couteney Cox opened as much as Bear Grylls after a scary endure. (9Now)

"I'm dizzy. I'm literally dizzy. Like we have actually youngsters. What the f--- are we doing?" she asked, before Bear Grylls took a moment to ask her around her career.

"When you started doing Friends, did you have any kind of concept exactly how astronomical that was going to be?"

"Not really… When I check out the manuscript I knew it was one-of-a-kind. Turns out it functioned out," she sassist. "I feel lucky. I don't feel burdened by it.

"People can be pretty intend currently that there's all this social media, and also the occupychristmas.orgments, if I ever before want to feel really negative around myself, I click on among those Daily Mail occupychristmas.orgment sections."

Grylls doubted if tbelow was push to look a details way.

"For sure. I think there's a push to maintain that not simply because of fame. Being a womale in this service and also obtaining older, I don't think that's the easiest thing. But I have learnt lessons. I think I was trying to store up via obtaining older and also trying to chase that, however it's somepoint you can't keep up via, so the more you relax into it the less I try.

"Sometimes you attempt and also then you look at a picture of yourself and also think, 'Oh my God I look horrible'. I have actually done things that I regret and luckily they're points that dissolve and go away so that's great, because it's not constantly been my ideal look. So currently I have a new motto, 'Just let it be'."

Courtney Cox went on adventure and confronted her fears on Running Wild with Bear Grylls. (9Now)

Cox added how watching her daughter go with life was an excellent occupychristmas.orgponent of obtaining older: "I view so much of myself in her."

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Nick Jonas strips dvery own in icy water

Bear Grylls and Nick Jonas had to reach their extraction suggest to occupychristmas.orgplete off their icy adventure, however they had actually one last test: They had to cross a lake surrounded by ice to reach it.

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"It's going to be painful," Grylls told Jonas. "We've obtained three minutes where the adrenaline will fire you and also then after three minutes everything will start to feel really painful."

Nick Jonas and Bear Grylls stripped dvery own to make it across an icy lake together. (9Now)

The pair stripped down into their underwear and also made their way towards the lake prior to entering and wading their method to the various other side. They made it.