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store in mind us don"t constantly restock. This is just for renowned items that might come ago due come high demand! Customer care can"t administer any information about items the are marketed out.

www.occupychristmas.org("Site") is an virtual portal the Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail limited Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560068. In this Privacy Policy, recommendations to “you” mean any person submitting any data to united state or our agent or the Site. The ax "ABFRL","We","Us","Our" shall mean ABFRL and its affiliates.

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If you have any comments or suggestions, we would be enjoyment to receive them at our Bangalore deal with or by emailing us at happytohelp

Data protection is a matter of trust and also your privacy is essential to us. We shall therefore only use your name and also other info which relates come you in the manner collection out in this Privacy Policy. Us will only collect information where it is crucial for united state to carry out so and we will just collect details if that is appropriate to our dealings v you.

We will only keep your information for as long as we are either forced to by regulation or together is appropriate for the objectives for i beg your pardon it was collected.

You deserve to visit the Site and browse without having to provide personal details. Throughout your visit come the site you remain anonymous and at no time deserve to we identify you unless you have actually an account ~ above the Site and also log on through your user name and password.

By visiting this site you agree to be bound by the terms and also conditions the this Privacy Policy. If you carry out not agree please do not usage or access our Site.


We may collect various details if you seek to place an order for a product to united state on the Site.

We collect, save and procedure your data for processing your purchase on the Site and any possible later claims, and to provide you with our services. We might collect her title, name, gender, email address, postal address, delivery attend to (if different), call number, mobile number, fax number, payment details, payment card details or financial institution account details.

We need this info in order to enable you to go ahead through placing your order because that a product ~ above the Site. We might use that data to process payment because that the product and deliver the product come you. We also use that data to notify you once the product is about to it is in delivered.

We may pass her name, call number, email id and address on come a third party in order to make shipment of the product to you (for example to ours courier or supplier).

We may also use your data in stimulate to manage the Site, collect payment from you, enable you to consequently use components of the Site, detect any kind of fraud or site abuses, send you information relevant come the website or our products, and in case we have any kind of queries. Payments the you make through the site will be handle by our company Aditya Birla Fashion & retail Limited, a company registered in India.

You may receive phone call calls from us, or our 3rd party associates in relationship to giving services come you.

You must only submit to us or our agent or the Site info which is accurate and not misleading and also you need to keep it approximately date and inform us of alters immediately.

Your actual bespeak details may be stored through us and also you may access this information by logging into your account ~ above the Site. Right here you can view the details of her orders that have been completed, those which space open and also those which are shortly to be dispatched and carry out your attend to details, financial institution details and any news to which you may have actually subscribed. You undertake come treat the an individual access data confidentially and also not do it easily accessible to unauthorized 3rd parties. We cannot assume any kind of liability because that misuse the passwords uneven such misuse is our fault.

Subject come the terms of this Privacy Policy, us shall no share any kind of of your personal information with 3rd parties without your explicit consent. We carry out not market or rental your personal information to third parties for your marketing purposes without her explicit consent and also we just use your details as described in the Privacy Policy. We view defense of her privacy as a very important ar principle. Us understand clearly that you and your info is one of our most important assets. We save and process your details on computers located in India the are defended by physical also as technical security devices. We use independent organ to verify and certify our privacy principles. If you thing to your info being moved or used in this means please perform not use the Site.

We make reservation the ideal to interact your personal information to any third party that provides a legally-compliant inquiry for that disclosure topic to applicable laws.


We usage standard and also authorized payment solutions of deemed companies and our credit transaction Check and Fraud Prevention policies are aligned come the policies of these companies. All problems would be subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Bangalore.

OTHER offers OF YOUR an individual INFORMATION

We may also send you various other information around us, the Site, our various other websites, ours products, sales promotions, ours newsletters, SMS updates, noþeles relating to other companies in our team or our business partners. If girlfriend would prefer not to receive any of this additional information as comprehensive in this i (or any component of it) you re welcome click the “unsubscribe” attach in any type of email that us send to you or monitor the unsubscription procedure as comprehensive in the SMS. Kindly keep in mind that unsubscribing indigenous one tool does not immediately lead come unsubscription from the other. In ~ 7 functioning days (days which space neither (i) a Saturday or Sunday, nor (ii) a windy holiday anywhere in India) the receipt of her instruction we will certainly cease come send you details as requested. If your instruction is unclear us will contact you because that clarification.


For any kind of competition we usage the data to educate winners and also advertise ours offers. You deserve to find an ext details where applicable in our participation terms for the particular competition.


We might pass your details to various other companies in our group. Us may likewise pass her details to our agents and also subcontractors to assist us with any type of of our offers of your data set out in our Privacy Policy. For example, we might use 3rd parties to aid us through delivering commodities to you, to assist us to collection payments from you, to analyze data and to carry out us with marketing or customer service assistance. We might exchange info with 3rd parties for the functions of fraud protection and also credit risk reduction. We may, in the future, offer or otherwise deliver some or all of our Forever 21 business, operations or assets to a third party, whether as result of the termination or transfer of the Forever 21 license, by closing or acquisition, in bankruptcy, or in relation to one more transaction under which a 3rd party assumes manage of all or component of the Forever 21 business. As per applicable law, your an individual information may be disclosed to any kind of potential or really third-party transferees or acquirers, and may be among those heritage transferred. Various other than as set out in this Privacy Policy, us shall NOT market or disclose your personal data to third parties without obtaining your prior consent unless this is important for the purposes collection out in this Privacy policy or unless we are required to execute so by law. The Site might contain heralding of 3rd parties and links to various other sites or frames of other sites. Please be conscious that we room not responsible for the privacy methods or content of those third parties or other sites, nor for any third party to who we move your data in accordance v our Privacy Policy.


The acceptance of cookies is not a requirement for visiting the Site. Yet we would favor to suggest out the the some functionality on the Site and also ordering is only possible with the activation of cookies. Cookies room tiny text documents which determine your computer to ours server as a unique user when you visit details pages on the Site and they room stored by your Internet browser on her computer"s tough drive. Cookies deserve to be provided to identify your internet Protocol address, conserving you time if you space on, or want to enter, the Site. We just use cookie for your convenience in making use of the site (for example to remember that you are once you want to amend her shopping cart without having to re-enter your email address) and also not for obtaining or using any other information around you (for instance targeted advertising). Your web browser can be set to no accept cookies, but this would restrict your use of the Site. Please expropriate our assurance that our usage of cookies does not contain any personal or private details and also are complimentary from viruses. If you desire to discover out more information about cookies, go tohttp://www.allaboutcookies.org or to find out about removing them from her browser, go to http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/index.html.

The website uses technology from Google Analytics through which data is collected and stored for marketing and optimization purposes and data use profiles are all set under a pseudonym. Cookies may be offered for these purposes. The cookies enable recognition of the net browser. The data accumulated with these technologies is not used, without different authorization through the human concerned, to personally recognize the tourists to this Site and is not collated with personal data ~ above the pseudonym holder. The permission for data recording and storage may at any time be cancelled with on-going effect.


We have actually in place proper technical and also security measures to avoid unauthorised or unlawful access to or accidental loss or destruction of or damages to her information. Once we collection data with the Site, we collection your an individual details ~ above a certain server. We use firewalls on our servers. As soon as we collect payment map details electronically, we use encryption by making use of Secure Socket layer (SSL) coding. Whilst we room unable to guarantee 100% security, this provides it tough for a hacker to decrypt your details. You space strongly recommended no to send complete credit or debit card details in unencrypted electronic interactions with us. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in link with the collection, storage and also disclosure of your information. Our security measures mean the we may occasionally request proof of identity before we disclose an individual information come you. You space responsible for protecting versus unauthorised accessibility to your password and also to her computer.


By mere use of the Site, you expressly consent come our use and also disclosure of personal information listed by girlfriend in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy policy is incorporated into and subject to the terms of Use.

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Our privacy policy is topic to readjust at any time without notice. To make sure you are aware of any kind of changes, please evaluation this plan periodically.