Provide adequate regulate, then execute maximum damages. Excess control is a waste, excess damages cannot be made.

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Some Powers ( at the minute ) are clearly awesome and also some beside usemuch less. I’ve respecced approximately 10 times to try various builds, and also uncovered one that clearly tops all the others in regards to damage. Anyhow, here’s a break down of my findings and also views on the powers from a PvE Dungeon DPS -perspective:

Best race: Tiefling or Human Attributes: Int > Cha > Wis Stats: Power > Crit > Recovery


Magic Missile

The most damaging At-Will that need to always be provided for DPS.

Ray of Frost

Useful if you need to stun a mob or slow-moving them dvery own.

Chilling Cloud

Decent damages if you build having actually a lot of the Chill -damage increasing attributes. Loses to magic missile yet. AoE of the 3rd attack is really small and also you will certainly put out more DPS in complete through Magic Missile.

Storm Pillar

Just plain poor damage from itself. Small damage and takes time to charge, during which again Magic Missile will have completed even more.

Class Features

I fully level all the Class Features as they’re more helpful than the usemuch less Enrespond to ones. And as we all recognize, the game forces you to level points you wont necessarily require.

Mostly I use Storm Spell and also Eye of the Storm.

Daily Powers

Ice Storm

Nice damages and a lifesaver, yet don’t usage it in a group dungeon unmuch less the scattering is spesifically forced or you want to be an idiot and also hated by your totality group. It will certainly throw the mobs about, lower everyones DPS and possibly reason problems for the tank.

Oppressive Force

A great AoE damages capacity that will certainly additionally provide the team time to breathe as it dazes the mobs. This is one of the much better choices for a Daily.

Ice Knife

A powerful single taracquire nuke, which I personally usage for bosses and also elite mobs. Also stuns.

Arcane Singularity

The day-to-day your group likes. Puts all mobs in a bunch so they can be AOE’d easily. The other “best” alternative for a dungeon enviroment.

Maelstrom of Chaos

Needs to be targeted and also has actually a low channeling time, doesnt do that exceptional damages. Bad.

Encounter Powers

Chill Strike

This spell have to be on eexceptionally CW’s spell mastery slot. Deals huge AoE damages, and stuns the main tarobtain.

Entangling Force

A lifesaver, and also a good source of manage. I have this maxed ( one allude is enough as well ) given that otherwise I’d need to put the points right into a crappy capacity.

Conduit of Ice

A decent dot that increases damage by a lot. When Feated, also lowers the mobs mitigation, boosting the effect even better. Very excellent if Feated or if you’re going for an icy construct.


Bad, other than for pushing mobs off cliffs if you want to “cwarm.”

Ray of Enfeeblement

This is a part of my rotation and also maxed, does decent damage and reduces mob mitigation, enhancing everyones damage better.

Icy Terrain

The immobilization is brief, the AoE is little. Terripoor.

Steal Time

An ability for managing a lot of mobs, if your group struggles through adds or large groups, rearea Sudden Storm through this one. I have it maxed. Does allbest damagewise.

Sudden Storm

Does decent AoE damage.


A decent capability, not usually in my bars when doing a dungeon yet deserve to be helpful in some future encounter where you will automatically die without it.

Shard of the Countless Avalanche 

Takes ages to use, initially to land it and also then hurl it, and the finish outcome is some minor damages, in the time of which time you would’ve done 3x the DPS via other abilities. Utterly bad.

What Powers must I skill up and also how?

Fully ability the powers I have slotted in my hotbars ( detailed below ) the rest doesn’t matter. Entangling Force and also Steal Time can be valuable if even more regulate is compelled.

What perform I have in my hotbars in a PvE Heroic Dungeon for maximum damages at the moment:

Spell Mastery: Chill Strike Feature: Storm Spell Feature: Eye of the Storm Encounter: Ray of Enfeeblement Encounter: Conduit of Ice Encounter: Steal Time At-Will: Magic Missile At-Will: Ray of Frost Daily: Ice Knife Daily: Arcane Singularity

As you can see, all are damaging abilities ( no surpincrease right here once you desire to do damages. ) And with this kit I have actually regulated to execute maximum DPS that hasn’t been matched by an additional collection of abilities, in my usage atleast.



With these Feats I’ve completed more damages than through anything else so far. You obtain activity points fairly quickly, enabling for multiple dailies per fight. Your Conduit of Ice, and also all Arcane Encounter spells in enhancement to the debuff from Ray of Enfeeblement take amethod a targets mitigation: pop them on a boss and also watch him burn. Your at wills deal 30% somepoint even more damage, which is a large damage boost. You also get damages by killing mobs, and also even even more versus targets listed below 30% health and wellness. All this in addition to providing Combat Advantage to your group, which aacquire, increases damage.

PvP Guide


Spell Mastery Ray of Enfeeblement, slot in Chill Strike, Entangling Force and also Conduit of Ice, kill stuff.

Attention to all Renegade -wizards!

No, your spec doesnt provide more crowd control, and it offers less damage raising talents than the adhering to Thaumaturge develop, which also includes the 2 ideal damages enhancing Feats of your Feat tree. 

The only Feat related to crowd manage in Renegade is Maelstrom of Chaos offering Chill, and also no one offers that crappy spell. A CW’s function also isn’t that of just control: it is to provide the regulate your team needs, and also then maximize damage output. Excess regulate is waste. You deserve to obtain equal manage in any Paragon Feat -tree by putting Steal Time and/or Entangling Force into your hotbars, or even Sdifficult of the Unlimited Crappyness if you will certainly. If you like doing excess manage, go ahead. Sheight posting about the points pointed out over continously, read the thcheck out, bereason whatever you’re about to say has already been questioned in it. Posts concerning above matters will be ignored, atleast by me. I don’t hate on Renegade.

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The day Renegade makes my CW execute even more damages than Thaumaturgy, or Thaumaturgy doesnt allow me enough regulate to clear a dungeon, be it T1/T2/T999, is the day I spec Renegade. At this time grinding Castle Never before and also Tier 2 dungeons simply fine.