10 Episodes of Hannah Montana That Still Hold Up Today With exciting stories and also relatable themes, these ten Hannah Montana episodes still bring enjoyment to fans. Check them out on Disney+.

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Hannah Montana Episodes Aged Well
The show Hannah Montana premiered after High School Musical in 2006, making a substantial impact in the branding of Disney Channel. Fans of the display love reliving it on Disney+, in addition to all their other favorite series and also Disney Channel Initial Movies from the 2000s. Miley"s double life was exciting for a bunch of normal kids, and also she still had some valuable life lessons throughout the show.

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Childhood reflects do not always age well, but some are still good to watch years later on. With interesting stories and relatable themes, these ten Hannah Montana episodes have organized up and still carry enjoyment to fans.

Hannah Montana Season 1
The initially seaboy of Hannah Montana is full of milestones in Miley"s life. She quickly tells Lilly and Oliver around her trick so that she can have actually a couple of friends to trust. In the 3rd episode of the series, Miley and also Jackson are house alone and also decide to sneak out. They watch their father at the movie theater with a woman and are surprised to find that he is dating aacquire. This leads the siblings to dress up (Miley in complete Hannah garb, of course) and go spy on Robby Ray"s date at her office.

Though a little far fetched, this storyline is the initially to gently carry up the sadness of losing one parent and watching the other begin to move on. It likewise brings Miley and Jackson together, and also they usually have actually separate plot lines. Miley shares a sweet moment via her dad after she sings "I Miss You" while mirroring on memories with her mother.

9 "Mascot Love"

This is the seaboy one episode that opens up up through a true Hannah hit, "Pumpin" Up the Party." After Hannah sings her heart out in her pajamas, she and Lilly realize that they never have any type of quality time because of Miley/Hannah"s busy schedule. Miley"s solution is that they both attempt out for the cheerleading squad. The cheerleading tryout scene is an obstacle because it"s a small cheesy and the coach is annoying. However, Miley is really humbled when she thinks she"s going to be called head cheerleader and she becomes the mascot, instead.

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After gaining fired from her mascot job, Miley selfishly wants Lilly to quit, however Lilly loves cheerleading. Miley has actually among those moments where she realizes that every little thing isn"t all around her, and also she and also Lilly hug it out.

The initially Dolly Parton episode (in season one) is a memorable item of Miley"s story. Many fans know that Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus"s godmom in real life. Dolly brings her Southern sass to Disney Channel when Miley is crushing tough on Jake Ryan. While the stealthy sneak-into-school-by-night scene does not work these days, the heart of the episode remains pertinent.

Miley is a young teenager learning how to manage her romantic feelings for someone. That"s something that older youngsters who watched the display could absolutely relate to.

7 "The Idol Side Of Me"

Ashley And Amber In Hannah Montana
Amber and Ashley are the major villains of Hannah Montana, specifically in the time of Miley"s middle institution days. Ashley is about to have actually a chance at a music career on "Singing with the Stars" (an noticeable parody of Dancing via the Stars). Hannah Montana is the celebrity featured on the display, and also she has actually a opportunity to humiliate Ashley and obtain earlier at her for all her meanness.

At the last minute, Miley (as Hannah) is backphase via Ashley and learns that the girl has actually knowledgeable teasing and bullying. Miley realizes that Ashley renders fun of others bereason of what she went through as a child. The conversation the classmates have doesn"t adjust much, however it"s almost a Kate Sanders-Lizzie McGuire possibility for the suppose girl and the nice girl to bond.

This season two episode is house of the Hannah Montana hit "Nobody"s Perfect." Miley provides the song"s tune to create her very own individual examine guide for a science test. She hregarding memorize all the bones in the humale body, which is why the song is dubbed "The Bone Dance."

Miley hregarding perform well on the test in order to pull up her grade enough to go on tour as Hannah, and also it turns out that she and also the entirety class require to her study song. It"s a wonder that Rico doesn"t uncover her secret as soon as he recognizes Hannah"s voice!

5 "I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak"

In season 2, Miley has a bad case of laryngitis and also should prepare for an operation after overdoing it on "Life"s What You Make It" at a concert. Singing is just one of the star"s passions, so she wants to execute what is important to conserve her voice. Miley is fearful of the procedure, though. After a cup of her dad"s loco hot cocoa, Miley has a weird dream that begins via her being her family"s servant bereason the surgical procedure was a faientice. Instead of Miley being Hannah Montana, Jackkid is Bucky Kentucky.

Miley"s deceased mother pertains to her next in the stvariety vision. With a little encouragement from someone she misses dbeforehand, Miley is all set to undergo surgery.

This episode is one of the series" very ideal and also the majority of significant. Miley is relocating as well quick and isn"t taking any time to appreciate the beauty in life. She does not even desire to take a couple of minutes to listen when Robby Ray wants to tell her and Jackson around their mommy. Miley and also Jackboy then go earlier in time to check out exactly how their paleas met at the diner. The difficulty is, the events are altered so that Robby and his wife do not accomplish at first, so Jackson starts to disappear.

Miley and also Jackchild make it their mission to present their parents, and also Miley learns the prestige of paying attention to the bit details in life.

3 "You Didn"t Say It Was Your Birthday"

This is one sitcom episode that isn"t Disney Channel"s funniest. Right after Miley"s solid link to her mommy, she and Jackboy really disapsuggest their dad by forgetting his fortieth birthday. He wakes as much as the youngsters arguing, completely oblivious of what the previous day was. Robby Ray is understandably upset that his very own youngsters would forget his birthday, and also it takes Jackchild and Miley also long to realize what they"ve done. They just can not seem to number out why their dad is angry, and also it takes seeing birthday cards in the mail for the siblings to put it together.

Jackson and also Miley attempt to cover up their mistake by throwing a late surprise party, which is a horrible idea. The household is repaired by the end of the episode, yet it"s a solid reminder to not forobtain the world that issue in life.

Lilly and also Oliver are a fun Disney Channel "ship," and their romance surprised some fans. Miley finds out that they"re together after returning house from a movie set.

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When the lovebirds break up, Miley has to choose between which finest friend to hang out through. She goes to good lengths to carry them back together so that the 3 friends have the right to live in harmony. Although Miley"s methods of addressing the case are a small unusual, Oliver and also Lilly"s connection is a big action in the show"s story. It"s still amazing to watch them thrive closer.

1 "Can You See The Real Me?"

This seachild 4 episode comes after Miley has revealed her Hannah Montana mystery. The exceptional thing around this episode is that Robin Roberts arrives as herself to interwatch Miley.

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This episode feels so genuine to fans, and also it features some sweet flashbacks from previously episodes in the series. As the series" ending viewpoints, the memories come flooding back for viewers. The episode parallels exactly how Miley"s life would certainly conveniently adjust past Hannah Montana. When a goodbye is unavoidable, it have the right to be comforting to reflect on the journey.

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