So below we obtained some funtastic Mini-Games! Here, I’ll cover the 5 main mini-games in the game and then also go right into the Ice Cream recipes.

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This cute mini-game involves playing on a Mario Party-like board game The goal is to reach the Video Game Point goal, GP Goal, which is precollection by you beforehand also. Borrowing a Monopoly-like mechanic, there are areas on the board that organize value and also the value boosts if you upgrade it or get multiples of the very same shade. These places are bought by placing Commands or buying pre-existing Commands. If an additional player lands on your spot, they will certainly pay you and also visa versa. If you still regulate a pre-existing Command room at the end of the game, you obtain that command also.

Tright here are 7 Command also Boards easily accessible and below will certainly tell you just how to unlock them and which Commands may display up tbelow.Keyblade BoardUnlock: Clear the Land of DepartureCommands: Aero, Blizzard, Confusage, Cure, Magnet, Poison Edge, Ragnarok (rare) Slow, Strike Rassist, Zero GravityRoyal BoardUnlock: Clear the Castle of DreamsCommans: Blackout, Bind, Fire, Fire Dash, Focus Barrier (Aqua, rare), Focus Block (Terra/Ventus, rare), Stop, Stun Edge, Thunder, Wishing EdgeSpaceship BoardUnlock: Clear Deep SpaceCommands: Aerora, Blackout, Firaga, Ignite, Mini, Ragnagok (rare), Thundaga, Thundara, Zero GravigaToon BoardUnlock: Clear Disney TownCommands: Bind, Binding Strike, Blizzara, Blizzard, Blizzard Edge, Confusion Strike, Cure, Deep Freeze, Freeze Rhelp, Stopra, Zero GraviraSkull BoardUnlock: Clear NeverlandCommands: Aerial Slam, Aero, Aerora, Binding Strike, Blitz, Firaga, Magnega, Mine Square, Munny Magnet (Aqua, rare), Photon Charge (rare), Poichild Edge, Quick Blitz, Zero GraviraHunny Pot BoardUnlock: Talk to Merlin in Radiant GardenCommands: Confusion Strike, Fira, Fire Surge, Mine Square, Sacrifice (Terra, rare), Thundara, Thunder Roll (Ventus, rare), Zero GraviraSecret BoardUnlock: Win at least 1 game on all other BoardsCommands: Aerial Slam, Aeroga, Blitz, Confusion Strike, Cura, Fire Dash, Fire Surge, Fission Firaga (rare), Lightning Ray (rare), Magnega, Ragnarok (rare), Sonic Blade, Thundaga, Thunder, Thunder Surge, Zero Graviga, Zero Gravira




Here, you race by utilizing your glider! Pretty fun! Talk to Chip & Dale at the Racetrack in Disney Tvery own to start. You can usage the X switch to rate up, to slow-moving down, (circle) to attack, and also /triangle to safeguard. Tright here are 4 tracks that approve you certain rewards and also each track is unlocked by beating the previous one.

Tright here are four tracks through the last one winning you that kinda cool keyblade!Counattempt ChaseReward: Top 3 Finishers obtain a Hi-PotionNotes: There’s a secret shortcut up on the cliff, use the ramp to reach it. Tright here are likewise 2 tornadoes that pop up about the last revolve.Disney DriveReward: First Place gets Fire DashNotes: It’s a much longer variation of Counattempt Chase with included turbos, so use the shortcuts and also turbo your method to first!Grand also SpreeReward: First Place gets AeroraNotes: Basically the same as Disney Drive yet mirrored with some changes. The area of Disney Drive that was closed off before is now a shortcut!Castle CircuitReward: First Place gets the Win Line KeybladeNotes: Take these routes in order to nearly guarantee victory: Fly off the ramp underneath the arch in the garden to jump right into the fenced off area in front, leading you through a short reduced. At the fork, be wary of the pushy bastards and make certain you don’t autumn off the rafters ahead. If you miss out on any type of of these, it’s ideal to start over from the start as you might be as well much behind.




Here’s a rhythm based game bereason we haven’t had actually sufficient of these! Talk to Huey, Dewey, and Louie in the Main Plaza of Disney Tvery own to begin. The boys are going to clap to the beat of whatever before song you pick that you’re supposed to match, while sending balls of ice cream at them. The rapid parts of the songs gain you a lot of points! Tbelow are various challenges unlocked and also each song group unlocks the next

Tbelow are five songs in all and also each through their own prizes.It’s a Small WorldReward: EtherMaster Reward: ElixirBlast Away!Reward: EtherMaster Reward: BlizzaraDessert ParadiseReward: Hi-PotionMaster Reward: Frozen FortuneDestiny IslandsReward: Hi-PotionMaster Reward: Chaos CrystalHand in HandReward: Mega-PotionMAster Reward: Blizzaga




This one is some type of odd Soccer/Volleysphere game. You begin this mini-game by talking to Horace at the Fruitball Court in Disney Tvery own. The goal is to shoot the fruit right into your adversaries goal while deffinishing your own. Each fruit has actually its own effect which go as follows: Grapes deserve to burst right into smaller sized grapes, Banana peels cause players to slip and end up being stunned. The remainder exist solely for points. You have the right to use the /triangle button to hit the fruits up in preparation for special hits, such as the switch for curves and also the X button to spike. Round 1 wins you a Balloon Letter, Round 2 Magnera, and Round 3 a Chaos Snake!



This one’s the just one in Olympus Coliseum. Instead of talking to Phil, you’re gunna chat up young Hercules and also obstacle him! You’re just going to smash urns (uh, rude) and also acquire a greater score than Herc. You have the right to usage your Commands and also magics here so have actually fun! First Place prize is the Sonic Blade Command also while eexceptionally win after that gets you a Panacea.


And currently for the Ice Cream Recipes! You make these at the Ice Cream Shop in Disney Tvery own. Each character has 8 Ice Creams that they have the right to make through the offered ingredients and also as soon as you make them all, you gain the Sweetstack keyblade to use! Which is a fucking hilarious weapon to fight with! The ingredients come from a distinct Unversed referred to as “Prize Pods”, which will certainly also be defined here!

These recipes have the right to be made by ANY character

Bueno Volcano5 Prickle Peppers, 3 Toonbascos

Snow Bear3 Open Sesames, 5 Soy Milks

Spark Lemon4 Thunder Crackers, 2 Rocket Sodas, 3 Dancin’ Lemons

Daisy Sorbet8 Starry Sky Drops, 15 Luxury Marshmallows, 10 Humming Mints, 12 Melody Grapes

These two can be made by even more than one character

Royalberry(Terra & Aqua)7 Gaspberries, 10 Nebula Nectars, 8 Birthday Cakes, 7 Rose Honeys

Milky Way(Ventus & Aqua)10 Cream Puffs, 8 Rainbow Syrups, 14 Cotton Cloudcandies

These are exclusive to Terra

Vanilla Glitz1 Gold Jam, 1 Bijou Bean, 3 Crystal Sugars

Rockin’ Crunch15 Galactic Caramels, 12 Nutty Nuts

Big Bad Pete20 Bizzaro Beans, 20 Whipped Dreams

These are exclusive to Ventus

Honeybunny3 Honeybunches, 2 Apple Pies

Goofy Parfait7 Moogle Coffees, 6 Jumbo Almonds, 5 Chocolate Valentines, 10 Foremainder Muffins

Double Crunch9 Cherryberries, 5 Merry Dairies, 14 Wedding Cakes, 15 Star Syrups

And finally, these are exclusive to Aqua

Fabracadabra2 Balloon Melons, 2 Heroic Ovarieties, 1 Peach Fantasy

Donald Fizz8 Crystal Sodas, 13 Mermhelp Salts, 15 Fizzy Tizzies, 8 Sky Blu Mousse

Now onto the Prize Pods!

These males show up in eincredibly world and also they drop the one-of-a-kind ingredients required for the Ice Cream! Each world’s Prize Pod has different ingredients and also as soon as you defeat them (or they ran ameans reason you took as well long), you have to entirely departure the world and also re-enter to uncover them again.Below will be the list, by human being, of wbelow they appear, what you need to do to make them pop up, and also what they drop! wow-someone-actuallyy wrote up a guide specifically for Terra that can make the grind easier!

Dwarf WoodlandsDrop: Apple Pie, Gaspberry, Humming Mint, Merry Dairy, Nutty Nut, Peach FantasyFor Terra: in the Underground Waterway. They display up near the entrance to the Courtyard.For Ventus: The Mine, much ideal Defeat the Unversed that display up below.For Aqua: Freduced Glade. On the left path from the Courtyard

Enchanted DominionDrop: Bijou Bean, Cherryberry, Forest Muffin, Jumbo Almond, Rose Honey, Sky Blue MousseFor Terra: Waterside. Four Scrappers will certainly show up, then the Pods near the wall of fire.For Ventus: Audience Chamber. Left of location. Leave and also re-enter if Red Hot Chilis appear.For Aqua: Waterwide. Corner of the cliff, left side.

Castle of DreamsDrop: Birthday Cake, Chocolate Valentine, Crystal Soda, Crystal Sugar, Luxury Marshmpermit, Wedding CakeFor Terra: Palace Courtyard. Defeat 4 Red Hot Chilis close to the fountain. If an additional team pop up, leave and also re-enterFor Ventus: Mousehole. On top of the finish table.For Aqua: Foyer. Left side, under stairs. A lone Bruiser will certainly appear. If not, leave and also re-enter.

Disney TownDrop: Melody Grape, Prickle Pepper, ToonbascoFor Terra: Racemeans. Blue walled roof area, defeat 4 Blue Sea Salts.For Ventus: Raceway. Roof, defeat 4 Blue Sea Salts.For Aqua: Racemethod. Near wall through covert Mickey’s. Defeat Blue Sea Salts.

Olympus ColiseumDrop: Cotton Cloudcandy, Heroic Oriange, Nutty Nut, ThundercrackerFor Terra: Town Near Thebes. Far left corner. Appear at the very same time as Red Hot Chillis.For Ventus: Town Near Thebes.Far left edge. Appear at the same time as Red Hot Chillis.For Aqua: Town Near Thebes.Far left corner. Appear at the very same time as Red Hot Chillis.

Deep SpaceDrop: Balloon Melon, Bizarro Bean, Cream Fluff, Galactic Caramel, Fizzy Tizzy, Star SyrupFor Terra: Turo Prikid Block. Far finish.For Ventus: Durgon Transporter. In airlock resulting in Ship Exterior. Beat first wave. If Pods don’t appear, redo.For Aqua: Turo Priboy Block. Far finish.

NeverlandDrop: Dancin’ Lemon, Golden Jam, Honeybunch, Mermaid Salt, Rainbow Syrup, Whipped DreamFor Terra: Skull Rock: Entrance. Small cliff. Should not have actually Jellyshades and also Triple Wreckers.For Ventus: Mermassist Lagoon. On ledge. Defeat a lone Wild Bruiser first. Leave if tright here are Yellow mustards at first.For Aqua: Indian Camp. Far end, alongside a Wild Bruiser.

Radiant GardenDrop: Moogle Coffee, Nebula Nectar, Rocket Soda, Soy MilkFor Terra: Fountain Court. Heat 4 Blue Sea Salts. If anypoint else appears initially, reperform.For Ventus:Fountain Court. Heat 4 Blue Sea Salts. If anypoint else shows up initially, reexecute.For Aqua:Fountain Court. Heat 4 Blue Sea Salts. If anything else appears initially, redo.

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Mirage ArenaDrop: Dancin’ Lemon, Open Sesame, Starry Sky DropFor Terra: Risky Riches. Second to last wave of Round 3.For Ventus: Treasure Tussle. Third wave of Round 3 on the bottom floor.For Aqua: Treasue Tussle.Third wave of Round 3 on the bottom floor.