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This scathingly hilarious political satire—developed from a cooperation of 3 of our funniest humorists—answers the burning question: Would anyone care if East St. Louis seyielded from the Union?East St. Louis, Illinois (“the inner city without an outer city”), is an impoverished town, so bad that Fred Fredericks, its idealistic mayor, starts off Election Day by collecting the city’s trash in his very own minivan. But the mayor believes in the power of democracy and rallies his fellow citizens to the polls for the presidential election, just to uncover numerous them turned ameans for trumped-up reasons. Even sweet old Miss Jackson—not to point out the mayor himself—is denied the vote because her name turns up on a bogus list of felons. The national election hinges on Illinois’s electoral votes and also, as a result of the mass disenfranchisement of East St. Louis, a radical right-wing junta led by a dim-witted Texas governor seizes the Oval Office. Prodded by shady black billionaire and old frifinish John Roberts, Fredericks devises a radical plan of protest: East St. Louis will certainly secede from the Union. Roberts opens up an “offshore” bank (albeit in the heart of the U.S.) to finance the freshly liberated country, and all of a sudden East St. Louis becomes the Switzerland of the American heartland, flush through money. It likewise starts to tempt a motley circus of idealistic young militants, OPEC-funded hitmales, CIA operatives, tabloid reporters, and also AWOL black serviceguys eager to protect and also serve the new nation. Problems collection in almost immediately: Controversies rage over the name and national anthem of the brand-new nation (they decide on the Republic of Blackland through an anthem sung to the tune of the template from Good Times), and also regional thug Roscoe becomes a warlord and also turns his gang into a paraarmed forces force. When the UNITED STATE military starts to move in, Fredericks is forced to decide whether his protest is worth taking all the way. Birth of a Nation starts with a scenario drawn from the botched election of 2000 and also spins it right into a brilliantly absurd occupational of sharply pointed satire. Along the method the authors lay right into a host of hot social and also cultural issues—skewering white supremacists, babsence nationalists, and everyone in between—drawing real blood and genuine laughs in equal meacertain in this riotous send-up of Amerideserve to politics.
Remember the Florida presidential election debacle of 2000? What if the exact same thing were to take place in East St. Louis? What if, as a result of the disenfranchisement of thousands of East St. Louis voters, a dim-witted, right-wing despot ordered control of the Oval Office? And what if the dissed city seyielded and asserted itself the soveregime Republic of Blackland also — through a nationwide anthem sung to the tune of the layout from Good Times and also a arrangement to finance itself by ending up being an offshore-style money-laundering haven best in the Amerideserve to heartland? Written by among the country"s leading political humorists and a pioneering babsence filmmaker and illustrated by one of today"s most acasserted graphic artists, Birth of a Nation takes the botched election of 2000 to an absurd (but not totally impossible) conclusion, alengthy the way hitting a selection of warm political social, and also cultural concerns, skewering babsence nationalists, white supremacists, and everyone in between, illustration actual blood and also real laughs in equal measure.

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AARON McGRUDER is the creator of The Boondocks comic spilgrimage and also the author of the national bestseller A Right to Be Hostile. REGINALD HUDLIN has actually composed, developed, or directed eight films, including Housage Party, Boomerang, and Bebe’s Kids. KYLE BAKER is the author of numerous timeless graphic novels, and also his illustrations have showed up in publications nationwide.