Continue to the ideal, killing the Gaap and also Gusions you find. We"ll need to come back for those items (mark your map if you want) and also head to the upper best leave. This next room is really straightforward, yet as you go up you will have to kill a couple Gusion adversaries. Tbelow is additionally a route split here: do we go up or carry out we go to the left first?

We want to go UP initially. This leads to a small room via some even more Gusion opponents (annoying), but additionally leads to a loading zone door. We are really cshed to the Cathedral, so let"s go ahead and go through the loading zone and also head on over tright here (this will be a short, excellent trip).

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Once you gain in the cathedral, you"ll be rather high up in this big vertical room (you can"t obtain up right here from below, so this is great). Kill the demon adversary here and also head to the far appropriate to find a Bookcase. Be sure to check out it for the Back Steal Technique. Wait... stealing? You will certainly require a Bandit Blade, but that sounds incredibly cool. May be worth trying out later! Head upwards now and also obtain inside the bell right here to get a MP MAX UP.


You just desire to discover the rest of this area now, filling out the map. At the height of this location you have the right to uncover two chests. The top appropriate one will have actually a Potion (what!?) while the upper left one has the Hair Apparent II recipe in it!

Very good, go ahead and also head earlier to the Asian Sorcery Lab aobtain, earlier to the route separation so we have the right to continue correctly.

You need to be earlier at the path break-up currently, so head left. This room is the "Teleporting Room" and also is expected to be all sorts of confusing as each of the shrines below lead you in other places. We obtained your back though!

Head forward via the shrine to the second lower room. Now below, note the left reduced wall. It is a break-able wall. Use your Reflector Ray to relocate behind the shrine and break it open to discover Kitsune Mask. (significant many thanks to InsertKoin for this!)


Rerotate, use your Reflector Ray to go to the other side of the shrine and also go via it from the best side.

You are in the middle of the room currently. You have the right to gain to the left to get to a brand-new room, wright here a Haagenti is waiting alone for us. Kill it and also inspect the chest right here for the Ramen/R recipes. That will cost us some food preparation time earlier. Speaking of cooking...

This is the hands-down perfect place to farm the Haagenti, and I"ll be real with you guys: I farmed this point a TON. You will have to as well if you desire to get all the searches done. A lot of recipes need "Flying Beef". Of course, you must just come below once you"re maxed on LUCK, as the beef itself is just a 1% drop price. Gah! Thankcompletely, the sdifficult below is much much easier (5%), so save at it and you"ll inevitably get the Petra Breath shard. Keep going or come ago later on for that beef!

Head back out to shrine main and avoid all the shrines, going appropriate to see an additional brand-new enemy: the Ninja. This opponent is awkward right here, yet he can throw shuriken and make fires appear underneath you. Just note where he is and take him out (much better spot to farm him later).

Once you kill him off, you desire to enter the shrine to his left.


This takes you up to the TOP, via a ton of shrines. We"re going to overview you here! Jump over the shrine you exited from to the appropriate and move previous the shrine over you and also STOP. Now, double jump and enter the shrine above you, entering the appropriate side of it.


This allows you acquire to the upper left area, where you desire to head left. This takes you to an empty room, so press on and we"ll be in one more little room via 2 Gusion enemies. Kill them off and drop to the bottom to find a chest down below via the Crimsonite Equipment/R recipe. Very nice! Head all the way earlier and also you"ll autumn dvery own from the ceiling shrine.

Next off we desire to head to the appropriate. Jump over the initially shrine and look at the shrines near the best wall. One up top, one on the bottom. What we desire to execute right here (don"t execute it yet, check out first!) is jump in between the two shrines and INVERT. You"ll fall down into the upper-appropriate corner. It all provides sense! Feel complimentary to invert aacquire and we have the right to head into the ceiling leave.


We"ll end up in a big room right here. Before we discover it, head into the appropriate departure right here. This is a tiny deadend, yet it does have a "Deathtrap" foe. May as well add it to the map!

Head earlier and make your way to the left. There"s a Haagenti adversary, Ninja and Gusion on the route, but kill them all as you go and also make your method to the much left (wright here the "Gaap" is) and enter the room over right here to uncover a Warp Room. Very handy! Use it if you require to! Also, note that this departure is a great location to farm that "Gaap" enemy if you must.

To the north exterior the warp room is a chest with 2,000 Gold. Not negative. To make your means inside this room, you have to head appropriate and jump via the floor over you to get to the second level. You can make your means to the appropriate from tbelow. Note the giant cat also, yet continue best and also you"ll view a wall via a hole at the height. Here you desire to INVERT and also go through the floor (wbelow the hole was) and also kill the 2 Gusion enemies that are in this area. You have the right to Invert aacquire if you want and also case the Ingredient Chest here (I acquired some Cypress here). We did this so we can gain to the room on the upper best.


Enter the best room and also you"ll gain rewarded via a single chest here. Open it for the Hair Apparent VIII and also head back, using your ray capacity to get out of the gap. We can currently head upwards and go take on the cat. This adversary is familiar of course, yet this is a brand-new enemy: the Kamikaze. This one actually shoots tornados at you. Take it out and proceed left to a brand-new room. Thanks to this departure though...

This is the 3rd adorable demon cat we"ve had to farm currently, isn"t it? Well, let"s obtain to it. Use your greatest damages shards and also weapon to take this point down conveniently. Remember, he can make a glyph appear and shoot a tornacarry out at you (you can run ago to avoid it) or try to cregulation at you. Keep taking him dvery own (using the surrounding warp zone if needed) to attain the Tornaexecute Slicer sdifficult.If you wanted, you might include in your Ninja farming right here also, as the left room has actually a Ninja up on a platform. Use a long-ranged stough or weapon (Greatsword) to kill him off as well. Keep killing him off to obtain the Shuriken sdifficult, as Mirian desires to end up being a ninja herself!

Are we done farming? Good, this was a great spot! You must be in the room via the ninja above you now. Here, be sure to destroy the left wall to uncover an MP MAX UP. Continue upwards, killing the Gaat. Keep in mind that there"s two doors/exits here. One to the ideal, one to the top left.


Now, the upper left room right here calls for the "Carpenter"s Key", which you should have if you are complying with the overview. There"s an foe in this room that is TOUGH so be sure you conserved freshly (especially if you fequipped shards recently). It might be a good concept to come ago, yet if you have a lot of healing you can take this opponent on (still... it might be much better to wait on this for more levels). Tbelow is a save suggest up ahead, so you might wait for that at least.

Regardmuch less, we gone into and killed the enemy at this suggest. The enemy here is the Master Carpenter. He have the right to perform extreme damages via his chisel throws. Try to alternate jumping up and also ducking to put him off guard, yet you want to likewise lay on the damage through your own shards and attacks (Welcome Comnpany kind of is excellent here). He have the right to also make signs (as soon as he does, you really want to hurt him). Once he renders his authorize, you desire to be all set for a Demon Lord to show up. These adversaries appear in a later area, yet shoot dvery own diagonal power like other demons and also execute multiple fire pillar assaults. So yeah, you deserve to tell this is a rough fight. Still, it is do-able if you"ve been grinding and also have healing.

So yeah... there"s likewise a stough from this opponent. It"s a pretty high opportunity to obtain it though (15% base), so once you can, farm this adversary to obtain the Chisel Barrage directional shard. Very powerful if you rank it up!

Well... with that horrible experience out of the method, from the "Carpenter"s Room" head via the appropriate departure. You"ll uncover yourself in a lengthy hallmethod. This hallmethod is full of ninja enemies, so if you need a sdifficult or two this is a great room. Tbelow is additionally a Kamikaze in the middle. Fight your means to the appropriate and also we deserve to proceed (the background of that area is awesome!).

In this following room, you"ll come face-to-confront via a large tengu statue. Really cool. However before, you can break its nose to find some covert Manju here.


Keep heading up and also kill the Gusion infesting this area. You"ll likewise view an Ingredient Chest at the exceptionally height (I acquired some Miso, Cypress and some Crimsonite). We"ve got a path break-up right here, but you absolutely want to go up first.

This is a long room that"s a dead end. Fight your way previous the bridges, killing the Ninja, Gusion and Gaap enemies. Kill them all. At the finish you"ll find a chest through the Ofuda Talisman, comparable to what Zangetsu has! Interelaxing. Head ago and also take that left leave now to continue.

This next location is pretty cool. There are screens here that block our vision. If you usage a slashing weapon, you have the right to see blood splatters on the display (attempt your katana here!). Still... there"s a few ninja below to kill as you head left. Watch out for their fire strikes and also kill them all, heading right into the left to continue.

Head up here, acquire the Ingredient Chest on the way (I acquired some more Miso and Cypress) and also to your north you will check out a Bookcase. Nice! Read it for The journal of an unnamed alchemist Vol 11. It appears someone conserved us for certain, and quit the Bael summoning. Makes you wonder who, right!? Head into the Save Room to the appropriate.

Are you all set to fight one more boss? Good, head right into the left room to face your next challenge!

Carnage is the language I speak. If we are to come to an knowledge, this is how we do it...

Oh man, that gave me chills. Zangetsu is ago, and he"s here to test us. We don"t recognize why yet, however we need to fight otherwise we"ll be struck dvery own by the veteran demon hunter!

This fight is exceptionally similar to the first one, although Zangetsu is of course much stronger. He also comes packed through more than just setting his sword on fire. He have the right to currently make his sword rotate into ice and also lightning too. You absolutely have an upper-hand here though, as you pretty much understand what to intend.

For the a lot of part, you desire to fight the very same way you did last time. You have the right to also gauge just how much along in the fight you are, as Zangetsu always buffs his weapon from fire, to lightning, to ice prior to he falls. Each element changes his moves a little (greatly his "Chain Slash", "Leaping Slash" and "Dagger" moves), so pay one-of-a-kind attention to those moves below, down in the move list.

Zangetsu is equally resistant to all physical kinds, but weak against darkness. He"s additional resistant to death and also petrification. You can pretty much simply usage whatever before weapon (and shards) you are provided to right here (whatever"s strongest - for BK it is when aget Welcome Company type of which works well as soon as obtaining behind Zangetsu).

Read up on the moves listed below and also pay special attention to the new elepsychological katana moves to end up proving your worth to Zangetsu as soon as more!

Zangetsu"s Moves

Katana Slash: This is still Zangetsu"s normal attack: a basic katana slash directly at you (although he can perform a downwards strike or a horizontal swipe). Easy to backdash from or even stay just out of variety. Try to lure him into using this strike and also countering, specifically since you already have actually an concept on its variety.Mirage Slash: You remember this assault, right? Zangetsu will come at you, yet he does so while leaving a trail of mirperiods in the background. When he does this, he"s trying to appear best behind you via an attack. That part is the very same as last time of course, except for now he have the right to leave a trail of churts that release pillars of fire. Be mindful of wright here you stand also as soon as he does this and attempt to gain in between them. Also note that he may not attack after utilizing this move, so do not count on that anymore either!Dagger Throw: This relocate retransforms too, although he doesn"t usage it rather as frequently at array. This is a pretty basic move, as Zangetsu will certainly sindicate throw some daggers at you. He throws three at least this time, however you have the right to still likely jump over them or slide underneath them. These change via the various facets still! Very cool touch, but review up on the miscellaneous elemental swords listed below.Chain Slash: Zangetsu additionally still has his Chain Slash assault, which he still likes to carry out from selection. He"ll use the chains he has actually wrapped about him to leash the ceiling in the room, swing over to you, and then perform a downwards assault at you. You can either slide under him when he starts coming dvery own or run ameans. Keep in mind that as soon as he"s making use of facets on his sword, slamming the sword down means something different. It"s typically a big area-of-impact strike that you certainly desire to get ameans from, yet review the elepsychological sword descriptions listed below too.Leaping Slash: This basic attack retransforms aget and also you"re still bound to check out it a few times. Zangetsu will certainly ssuggest leap forward and carry out a downwards slicing assault. You can backdash to acquire to safety and security pretty conveniently, just be quick about jumping ago in when he lands so you can hit him a couple of times. This is one of the "Slam" strikes that is effected by the elemental improvements Zangetsu offers during the fight, so be certain to read up on the katana moves below!Upwards Slash: This is one more relocate that Zangetsu likes to perform fairly a little bit. As you understand, this have the right to actually be a two-part move, as Zangetsu will certainly slash upwards if you are close (you have the right to back ameans from this), but as soon as he"s up in the air he deserve to likewise use his momentum and also come crashing dvery own via a downwards slash. Or he have the right to simply loss down generally, all set to carry out another attack. Don"t over-commit when you view him carry out this, yet try to gain in an strike as he lands if you can!Fire Katana: Well, you"ve viewed this buff prior to, but Zangetsu supplies it aobtain. Everypoint from the initially fight happens right here as Zangetsu lights his blade on fire. This gives him enhanced damage and affects his other assaults as well. Many notably any of his slamming attacks causes a blast when he lands (prefer some fire AoE damage). His dagger throws are additionally on fire also.

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Lightning Katana: Ah, here"s somepoint new! Zangetsu will certainly use a lightning cdamage to make his katana lightning-based. This impacts his daggers (although I never before witnessed him use them in this form) and also turns his slam strikes right into lightning AoE). This lightning sparks upwards and outwards, so jumping diagonally amethod is the ideal call below.Ice Katana: This is the final sword enchantment, as Zangetsu turns his katana to ice. This create lasts a little much longer than the last one, but as you deserve to imagine it also results his daggers and slam strikes. This create actually transforms things up rather a bit! His daggers will now stop mid-throw and splinter right into pieces (jump diagonally ameans and also attempt to get between them), while his slam assaults currently end through a lave of ice extfinishing outwards on the ground (simply double jump over it). Still, excellent to view things readjust up a bit!