The Body strength inversion table provides an affordable basic inversion solution for those who desire to gain their feet wet with inversion therapy, but are wary that investing too much in it. Is this a great starter table, or should you watch at other options? below is a review of this product to aid you decide.

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This is a simple, simple inversion table with all the simple features you’d expect. It has actually a sturdy tubular metal structure with skid-resistant rubber feet come ensure a steady base on many surfaces. The elevation is adjustable via a chrome center beam, and the supported heights variety between 4’8″ and 6’8″.

The padded handlebars are rather long, not full length however long enough to with from high turning back angles.

The table itself weighs about 47 pounds, and it is rated because that a user weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Ankle System

The fish eye clamping system is a standard four padded roller setup. The looks and also feels like similar setups on reverse tables in this price selection and girlfriend shouldn’t mean a good amount of comfort from them. Don’t usage this table there is no wearing shoes, in various other words.


The assembly instructions because that this table are a mix of actual English and Chinese interpreted English. It can be tricky come follow and takes some concentration and also clear thinking to gain done. You have the right to expect come spend about an hour assembling it, and also you’ll be well advised to usage your very own wrenches for fastening every little thing instead of the cookie cutter tool you gain with the package.

You’ll it is in staking your security on this device, for this reason tighten every little thing properly with proper tools to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Using the Table

The backrest is pretty typical on this model, and is neither an especially uncomfortable no one exceedingly comfortable. In ~ this budget price you can hardly intend anything more than the basics, and also this it s okay the task done.

You can collection your height with a slide and also pin-lock meganism ~ above the front bar. Inversion angles are managed with a tether strap, which is simple enough, easy to use and safe.

The ankle clamps space pretty lot as you would intend from a simple padded roller system. Barefoot, you’ll endure some discomfort. You need to either pad this yourself v towels or some various other material, or you should wear shoes. It may take a bit of testing to discover the sort of shoes that gives you the most comfort. All at once the clamps perform the job, but they’re naught special.

This is one of the couple of inversion tables where individuals seem divided over its sturdiness and also build quality. This isn’t the sturdiest feeling table in this price variety and we’d advise you not to press the weight limit too closely. It more than likely won’t dump girlfriend on the ground, yet we can’t help but question its durability and strength. More than one human over 200 pounds have actually complained about the frame flexing and creaking under stress.

There isn’t lot wrong through the means it works. The will obtain you inverted without too lot problems, and also if that is every you’re after, climate this unit will perform the trick. The slightly expanded handles help you to acquire up out of turning back if you have trouble recognize the perfect facility of gravity.

The Body strength inversion table crease up for storage, and can it is in tucked away in a corner without too lot trouble.

Customer Reviews

Users room divided around this table an ext so 보다 most. Some room happy, others warn civilization away.

“Great table. There are no bar problems. There is no security issue. Great pads for her feet, nice leader for elevation adjustment, many importantly secure and also comfortable. I carry out sit ups and also twist while i am upside down.” Mottski, Amazon.com

“Overall this is cheap quality. The method all the foot rest and also leg adjustment materials fit with each other is just… flimsy. This is certainly not a “solid” product, and I would shot other units. Shows it might hold as much as 250lbs however I’m at 206 and would no recommend it for someone more heavier – I simply don’t see just how it would certainly safely organize together for after an extensive use. Likewise I go on the barefoot and also the padding top top the feet was just not act a great job not hurting me.” chris Arde, Amazon.com

Where come Buy

You’ll obtain a great price at Amazon.com, including quick and complimentary shipping. View our alternating recommendation below.


The problem with the Body power inversion table is the it is no the just table in the $100-$130 price range. Regrettably for body Power, the is likewise nowhere close to the best. Top top an turning back table you do yourself relatively vulnerable and also there’s simply no allude saving a couple of bucks however ending up v a machine that’s simply not that solid.

In this price range, we need to recommend the Ironman LX300 over the Body strength inversion table. It’s simply a much more solidly developed and more comfortable unit because that the exact same price. As long as you have actually alternatives, there is no reason to buy the Body strength table.

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PriceFolds increase nice and also smallWorks together it should


Uncomfortable fishing eye clampsConcern about build qualityOverall not an extremely comfortable

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