Hmm, is this the shield that was intended to be a legendary? The name sounds really familiar. What does it do? I'm at work so the Wiki is blocked. But additionally not certain why the Steam Community website isn't blocked...

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Directly from the wiki

Deadly Bimpend is a distinctive nova shield produced by Torgue. Deadly Bloom is acquired from the mission The Overlooked: This is Only a Test located in The Highlands. It have the right to also be found from any type of suitable loot source.

In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, it have the right to be obtained by purchasing it in a Vending machine , but can also be acquired by means of the Grinder.

Special Weapon Effects What carry out you expect...theoretically? – Explosive Nova motivated once shields and/or wellness are depleted.

A melee-oriented Zer0 deserve to use this shield to good result, improving his survivcapacity. Because he will certainly generally be going toe-to-toe with opponents, the chance of recording them within the blast is high. In addition, if he is downed at close selection, the secondary nova blast deserve to prove very useful for obtaining a 2nd Wind, or a least softening bordering opponents, permitting him to perdevelop Killing Bl0w. This shield is particularily best for Krieg via a melee build. The explosive damage form can do a number on shielded foes, allowing for much easier burn damages. It's also a straightforward recovery from a failed Buzz Axe Rampage, as he's almost always within variety. This shield is valuable for any kind of character to aid in gaining second winds as the second explosion deserve to conveniently revive the character, also if an enemy is behind them. Using it to this impact is easiest when either concentrating on close combat or to defend against widespread melee opponents that may ambush all of a sudden.

Notes Triggers any time the wielder enters Fight For Your Life mode--regardmuch less of whether the shield has recharged given that the last nova. Though it display screens in inventory as a purple-rarity item, the Deadly Bimpend is internally classified as a legendary, and is part of the basic legendary loot pool. Because of this the shield has actually a little chance to be uncovered from any kind of suitable loot source, consisting of from chests and also other containers and from beat adversaries. It is feasible to obtain the Deadly Bimpend as a shield reward from Tiny Tina's Lootsplosion Slot Machine. In spite of the rarity, the grinder will misreview the quality as if it was a legendary, enabling it to be randomly uncovered by grinding 3 legendary shields.

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Trivia The Deadly Bloom was originally intended to be a legendary item, yet as a result of a minor mishap in the coding the item ultimately came to be purple rarity. The name and also the red text are a recommendation to the movie The Last Starfighter, and also the weapon of last resort loaded onto the Gunstar, referred to as the Death Blossom.