Browse Boston Terrier puppies because that sale indigenous 5 Star Breeders through Uptown Puppies.

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Great for little Homes

Boston Terriers might be hyper, however their size lends them fine to apartment life, and makes them good pets for hanging the end at home!

Absolutely Adorable

Boston Terriers are few of the cutest pups top top the planet, many thanks in part to their bug-eyes and distinctive tuxedo markings.


Boston Terriers are goofy and affable dogs. These simple pups will be happy hanging out and doing everything it is the YOU choose doing.

Great for Kids

Boston Terriers room kind, affectionate and patient, do them superior dogs for households with children.

Easy come Train

Boston Terriers have actually a call for being a tiny stubborn, yet the reality is the these dogs room surprisingly smart and easy come teach!


Boston Terriers are simply plain easy. Lock make excellent pets for first-time or inexperienced dog owners and families of every types!



ours 3 component Mission

The pleasure of our customers, ours breeders, and also your puppy is the structure of everything we do.


Connect responsible, ethical breeders v responsible, moral buyers. Our mission is to take it the uncertainty and headache the end of finding the perfect puppy.


Help owners keep their puppies happy and healthy transparent the dog\"s whole life through sourcing and also creating the ideal products, services, and learning materials.


Accelerate the elimination of puppy mills by empowering humane breeders and also exposing those with inhumane operations. We want to be component of the solution.


5 Star Breeders

us only work with Boston Terrier breeders that pass ours 47 breeder standards. Below are a couple of of them...

About Uptown authorized Breeders

No puppy mills. No scams. We thoroughly vet every breeders based upon our 47 Breeder Standards. As soon as you discover a puppy in ~ Uptown, you\"re no just obtaining a dog--you\"re gaining peace the mind that your new best girlfriend is comes from one experienced, ethical breeder who loves dogs simply as much as friend do.

See the 47 requirements

questions & Answers

Questions around Boston Terrier puppies because that sale in Columbus OH? We have actually answers.

Give me an overview of Boston Terriers for sale in Columbus OH.

They absolutely can! Columbus Boston Terrier breeders will happily call you that these little pups make wonderful apartment dogs. As lengthy as girlfriend remember the their high-energy levels mean they will need plenty of exercise, then a compact Boston Terrier will certainly be an ext than happy to curl up v you top top the couch for a cuddle.

What if ns can’t find any kind of Boston Terriers because that sale in Columbus?

Don’t panic. While we recognize it have the right to be nice to shot and discover Boston Terrier breeders Columbus close to you, we likewise know it’s not always possible. It is why in ~ Uptown we have actually a nationwide network that breeders that you can turn to. What’s more, if your dream pup is top top the various other side of the nation you have the right to arrange because that them to fly to her nearest significant airport!

How carry out you screen Boston Terrier breeders in Columbus?

We’re nice proud of the reality that our rigorous applications process means that we accept less than 10% the applicants to join our network. That way you know you’ll only be looking in ~ pups native the upstream businesses and also companies v Boston Terrier puppies Columbus and also who can accomplish our especially high criter as collection out in our Breeder Pledge.

How much are Boston Terrier puppies in Columbus?

Unfortunately yes sir no clear reduced answer to this question. You’ll watch a wide selection in prices for each Boston Terrier because that sale in Columbus. The breeder may select to set a higher price for Columbus Boston Terrier puppies because that sale v unusual color or markings. A company with a call for creating show-quality pups may charge more as well.

What renders Uptown Puppies various from detect a puppy online?

It’s a an excellent question. Once you search for a Columbus Boston Terrier for sale the results at the peak of the page are it was crooked towards companies with better marketing. Does that typical they have actually the best pups? not always, no. Because we only emphasis on working with the best businesses the end there, you’ll just see the finest puppies below at Uptown.

What’s so bad around puppy mills?

Puppy mills room awful areas that put a higher priority top top profit 보다 they execute on animal welfare or ethics. The result is mrs dogs and their pups maintained in horrible problems where castle don’t obtain the treatment they deserve. Tragically, this poop pups often suffer native serious health conditions and also behavioural issues as a result.

What around Boston Terrier mix puppies?

These are likewise a good choice! If did you do it been checking out Boston Terriers because that sale Columbus, be certain to take a look at some hybrid pups as well! The Boston Terrier makes a great structure breed for plenty of amazing designer dogs, contained when mixed with Poodles, Labradors, Cocker Spaniels, and also more!

What kind of dog is the Boston Terrier?

Mix two parts snuggle bug with one component energetic pup and also you’ll come close come the Boston Terrier puppies for sale Columbus that are searching for their forever home. The Boston Terrier Columbus can have initially been intended as a fighting breed however that’s absolutely not the situation for your affectionate ancestors!

How huge are Boston Terriers as soon as mature?

The stocky but tiny Columbus Boston Terrier because that sale will mature to weight between 12 and also 25 pounds. Height wise, they can thrive to anywhere from 15 come 17 inches in ~ the shoulder. Tiny enough to live in an apartment, however robust enough to enjoy long walks and plenty of pat sessions, these pups room the perfect combination.

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Are Boston Terriers basic to train?

A Boston Terrier for sale Columbus will certainly be a willing and also fun training partner. Their eagerness to please and uncomplicated mindset makes lock perfect because that first-time dog owners. They can be a tiny sensitive to harsh cultivate methods, so confident reinforcement utilizing plenty the praise and also treats is the best method to obtain these pups to shine.