Take a look at exactly how you have the right to finish the Secret of the Cedars pursuit in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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The Legfinish of Zelda: Breath of the Wild totally revamped the Zelda collection without it losing its essence. Though classical and even more typical temples are gone, they've been replaced with shrines that, although smaller sized, are many continuously spreview out throughout the game's map.

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Tbelow are additionally various forms of shrines. Certain shrines occupational more favor smaller dungeons via some puzzles and also opponents to defeat, others need you to show exactly how strong you are and also just how you use different combat approaches, and also ultimately, others are linked with quests and the difficulty is to find them. The last is the case of the Secret of the Cedars, associated with the Tahno O'ah Shrine.

Talk To Clavia

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Although it is not crucial to activate the pursuit to be able to accessibility the shrine, it's best to carry out so in order to understand also the story behind it. To receive the Secret of the Cedar shrine pursuit, you have to soptimal to Clavia, an NCOMPUTER in Hateno Village. She can be found eastern of the Dye Shop.

Clavia will tell you that she found a letter in an old book through an odd riddle on it. It says: "When the three summit trees come to be one, revolve your back to them and also head toward the sea. A trial encased in stone awaits you tright here."

Solving The Riddle

The riddle have the right to be actually a bit confutilizing specifically since the map is so big that it's simple to miss out on some details. It refers to the 3 cedar trees that stand aheight Madorna Mountain, west of the Afromsia Coast. If you inspect the map of Hyrule, you'll alert 3 black dots that seem to line up through each other, directly north of Hateno Village. You need to line them up and also then turn Link in the direction of the coastline. Then, walk in the direction of it and you will certainly inevitably come across the area noted in the photo listed below.

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Here you will certainly uncover a bombable wall, that is what the riddle intended by "a trail encased in stone." Approach the wall and throw a bomb towards it, blow it up, and also avoid the blast so you don't damages yourself. On the other side of the wall is wbelow you'll finally find the Tahno O'ah Shrine.

tahno o
Solving the riddle and also finding the shrine was the only challenge that you had to finish, so when you enter the shrine tright here are no puzzles to fix or adversaries that you have to fight. Scanning the Sheikah Slate to open up the shrine is all you have to carry out to end up the shrine search at last. There is a chest inside via a pair of Climbing Boots and also Tahno O'ah, the monk, that you have to soptimal to in order to attain the Spirit Orb.

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