Falcon And The Winter Soldier: What Each Key Character Is Supposed To Look Like (Based On The Comics) The Falcon and The Winter Soldier gave fans via many entertainment. But exactly how equivalent were the characters to their comic book counterparts?

Sam wilkid falcon and the winter soldier sam Captain america in the comics
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is quickly among the ideal jobs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also does an exceptional job of showcasing its personalities. The series functions a number of returning characters from the Captain America trilogy as well as introduces new characters to the franchise.

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Even though none of the actors look exactly prefer their comic book counterparts, they do gain pretty cshed, via many of them even obtaining perfect adaptions of their costumes. While looks aren"t the just point necessary to make a character comic specific, visual similarities between the ondisplay and also comic book versions do help lug the characters and the story to life.

Anthony Mackie is a pretty spot-on spreading for Sam Wilchild, sharing the character"s dark brvery own eyes and also short babsence hair. The only real difference between the two is that Mackie is simply a bit shorter at 5"10" than Sam who is typically 6"2". Sam likewise gets 2 costume upgrades in the series. The initially comes in the pilot episode, which is a white and red wingsuit that is a lot closer to his timeless look as Falcon in the comics than the previous ones.

The second upgrade comes in the seakid finale when he lastly takes up the mantle of Captain America. Sam"s Captain America suit, which was made in Wakanda, functions a new set of Vibranium wings and a red, white, and blue color scheme that looks choose it was ripped straight from the comics.

11 Winter Soldier

The show"s various other lead, Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky isn"t as cshed to looking prefer his character as Mackie is to his considering he has actually blue eyes and is 6"0" while comic Bucky is 5"9" and has actually brown eyes. The just real similarity in between the two is their brvery own hair color.

While he still has his Winter Soldier look in the comics with his hair being kept lengthy, in the MCU, he looks closer to what he looked favor in The First Avenger with the character"s brown hair being brief. Bucky likewise has actually a different prosthetic arm than he does in the comics; rather of the silver arm via the red star, he has actually a silver arm via gold accents (which he acquired from Wakanda).

One of the brand-new personalities presented in the series was Joaquín Torres played by Danny Ramirez, a frifinish of Sam"s and also a member of the Air Force. Ramirez is 5"9" via black hair and light brown, and also while no specific height for Joaquín is provided in the comics, he and also the actor have the exact same eye and also hair shade.

In the comics, Torres was based on experiments that turned him into a humale bird hybrid. While there"s still a possibility Torres can go via that development, it seems more most likely that the MCU will certainly take an extra grounded technique considering the last scene between him and also Sam mirrors the brand-new Captain America leave his old set of wings through him.

9 Isaiah Bradley

After learning that Sam offered up the shield, Bucky takes Sam to Baltieven more so he have the right to satisfy Isaiah Bradley, played by Carl Lumbly, one of the many Black guys that were experimented on through the super-soldier serum. In addition to being aged up for the series, Lumbly likewise had actually to mass up for the duty, making him look even even more prefer the character.

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While he towers over Sam and Bucky in the present, Lumbly is actually 6"1" which is 3 inches shorter than his comic book counterpart, that is 6"4". Another physical distinction in between the 2 is the reality that Isaiah in the comics has no hair while the Isaiah in the series still has actually his hair. However before, both of them share the character"s brown eyes.

When Sam and also Bucky go to visit Isaiah, they also meet his grandchild, Elijah Bradley, played by Elijah Richardkid. In the comics, Elijah has actually no hair, choose Isaiah, but in the series, he has short babsence hair.

In the comics, Elijah is a member of the Young Avengers and goes by the name "Patriot." Due to the fact that the movies seem to be establishing up this team, with many type of of the various other members already existing in the MCU, there"s an excellent opportunity that fans could view him get a suit in a future project.

7 Batroc

One of the minor personalities from the Captain America trilogy that resurchallenged in the series was Georges Batroc (aka Batroc the Leaper), that was played by previous MMA fighter, Georges St-Pierre. Batroc is 6"0" via brvery own eyes and also babsence hair, while St-Pierre is 5"10" with blue eyes and dark brvery own hair.

The main element of the character that wasn"t carried to the display is his instantly facial hair, a dali-style mustache and goatee, which was ditched in favor of an extra organic look. While he had actually a unicreate in The Winter Soldier carefully resembled the purple and yellow outfit he wears in the comic, in the series, he wears street apparel via those colors.

Anvarious other character that went back Helmet Zemo played by Daniel Brühl and also although many kind of intended him to be the primary antagonist, he instead solidified himself as a fan favorite anti-hero.

While they are similar heights, via Brühl being 5"9" and also Zemo being 5"10", they do not look that comparable since Brühl likewise has actually dark features like his light brown hair and dark brown eyes compared to Zemo that has blond hair and also blue eyes. However, those distinctions do not really issue as a lot given that the series also ultimately provided him the iconic purple mask that he generally wears in the comics.

5 John Walker

Fans first meet John Walker, played by Wyatt Russell, at the finish of the first episode once it"s announced by the federal government that he"s been preferred to lug on the mantle of Captain AmericaAside from the fact that Russell is 2 inches shorter than Walker at 6"2", he"s fairly literally perfect casting, sharing the character"s blue eyes and also blond hair.

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While he first appears in the series as Captain America, a lot of comic readers kbrand-new him as U.S. Agent but wouldn"t get to watch that version of the unidevelop until the end of the series. His U.S. Agent unicreate, which is similar to the comics, is basically the same as his Captain America suit except it"s black quite than blue and also functions white, which his Captain America suit did not have actually.

Shortly after meeting John, fans obtained to meet his companion, Lemar Hoskins (aka Battlestar). They look pretty similar physically considering that both Clé and Lemar have black hair and also brown eyes but the a lot of noticeable distinction is that Clé, who is pretty tall at 6"0", is still 6 inches shorter than Lemar that is 6"6". Anvarious other massive difference with just how the character looks originates from the method his costume was updated for the series.

In the comics, his uniform is a lot even more brightly colored yet in the present, it"s a lot more tactical, featuring a bulletproof vest with the red and also blue of the unidevelop being more muted and the white gloves, and also the white star on the chest, reput with black.

3 Sharon Carter

The series likewise carried earlier Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter, revealing that she had escaped to Madrinegative after ending up being a fugitive for helping Steve in Civil War, becoming the criminal well-known as the Powerbroker.

Despite the evolution the character gone with, she still looks the very same as she did when she initially showed up in the MCU, which is virtually similar to how she looks in the comics. Both Emily and Sharon are 5"8" and have actually blond hair, the only distinction in between them is that Sharon"s eyes are blue while Emily"s are brvery own. She additionally normally wears a white costume in the comics which fans have yet to check out in the MCU.

One of the biggest surpincrease appearances came from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, that debuted in the show"s fifth episode and presented herself to John Walker as Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. While Julia manages to look like the timeless Marvel character, tright here are some clear distinctions between the 2 versions.

For one, Julia, who is 5"3", is 5 inches shorter than Valentina who is 5"8" and also they also have actually different eye colors (via Julia"s being hazel and also Valentina"s being blue). Even the streak in the character"s black hair has actually been changed from white to purple.

1 Karli Morgenthau

In the comics, the alias of Flagsmasher belongs to one person, Karl Morgenthau, yet in the series, the Flagsmashers are a group led by a gender-swapped variation of the character, via Karli Morgenthau played by Erin Kellyman. Kellyman bears nearly no resemblance to her comic book counterpart since Karl is 6"2" with brown hair while Karli is 5"6" and has dark red hair. The just thing they share is dark brvery own eyes.

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Even aspects that were brought over, like the character"s symbol that appears on his belt in the comics, has actually been updated and also is used on the masks that the group wears. However, fairly than it just being a straightforward babsence world, the currently red symbol mirrors the world in the middle of a handprint.

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