Kevin O'Reilly, popularly well-known by his social media name contact Me Kevin, is an irish YouTuber. He is popular for his comical gameplay commentaries and also other way of life videos which are comedic in nature. He periodically branches out to upload other species of videos such together music covers and also skits.

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Call Me Kevin to be born top top 10th November 1993 together Kevin O'reilly in Ireland. He has not offered any information about his parents, siblings, educational background and upbringing.

However, he experienced from serious stomach pains while in major school. As a result, the missed a many school-times while visiting the hospital or continuing to be sick at home. The pains persisted even throughout his high school period.

While at home, he play a lot of Xbox and in 2008, he discovered the gameplay next of YouTube. He bought a catch card and created his very first YouTube video channel under the name, zXNoRegretzzXz.

YouTube career

Call Me Kevin shoot a clip. Photo: callmekevin1811Source: Instagram

Call Me Kevin confront is not new for those who gain YouTube videos on gaming. He started his career together a YouTube contents creator in 2009 at the period of 16. The name of the YouTube channel he had initially produced for funny was adjusted from zXNoRegretzzXz to The Old CallMeKevin. Unfortunately, he was hit through a vehicle, and also this halted his career because that a while.


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YouTube call Me Kevin quit college for good due come his health condition. He inserted his emphasis on permanent content creation. In ~ the period of 18, that relocated come Scotland where he resided because that a year before moving earlier to Ireland. While in Ireland, he quit YouTube and also content development after the autumn of his work-related ethic.


After taking a break from contents creation, Kevin ended up being the franchise owner the a retail store known as CeX. The agency specializes in offering second-hand electronics.

After the injury, the was compelled to spend a the majority of money paying because that his clinical bills and likewise employing other people to work-related in his place. This make the service less profitable, therefore leaving the no selection but to shut that down.

Return come YouTube

In late 2016, he choose to go back to YouTube with a brand-new channel named, CallMeKevin for fun. ~ above its launch, that attained much more than 8, 000 subscribers from his old channel. The channel had actually slow expansion until among his videos named Ouya went viral.


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After the famous video, the number of subscribers enhanced rapidly, hitting a million by 2017. V the huge growth of his channel, he made decision to take up YouTube as his permanent job. Therefore, he made and also uploaded videos an ext regularly.

In 2019, the created another YouTube Channel known as the Twitch channel. He mainly used it for Twitch Sings videos also though the uploaded sparingly. Later, he began streaming regularly and eventually made a schedule of streaming four times a week in enhancement to his everyday uploads.

He also created two much more channels namely, CallMeKevin currently Archives and Call Me Kevin Clips. In the an initial channel, he uploaded full-length streams for the individuals who let go his live stream. The 2nd channel showcased 10-15 minute clips that his streams highlights.

Call Me Kevin automobile accident

In 2016, the YouTuber was hit by a auto on his method from watching Batman vs Superman at among his local cinemas. The accident caused an azer landing bring about injuries and also other ailments that influence him to this day.


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Call Me Kevin girlfriend

Call Me Kevin girlfriend Anna Rudolf. Photo: annarudolf_chessSource: Instagram

The famous YouTuber is in a partnership with Anna Rudolf. His girl friend is a Hungarian chess player, commentator, Twitch streamer and YouTuber. The duo met through content creator RTgame, that is their shared friend.

Kevin and also Anna occasionally show up on every other's YouTube channels. Anna showed up off-screen in Kevin's Spiderman VR video clip while Kevin featured in her Green display screen vlog.

Net worth

Although he had stayed out of YouTube for roughly 3 years after an accident, he came ago to the market bigger and also better. He took YouTube by a storm and also has been earning great from it. As of 2020, speak to Me Kevin network worth is about $2.2 million.

Call Me Kevin is just one of the most trending individuals on social media because of his gaming and also comedy videos. He has not only offered this communication to earn money but likewise educate and also entertain his fans.


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The gibbs has showed up in movies such together Definitely, Maybe; The Proposal; safe House; and also Van Wilder and in 2016, that starred as the titular character in the superhero film Deadpool.