I generally save celluar turned off, and WiFi on. When I"m at residence I instantly connect to my WiFi and deserve to get calls and messages no problem. When I"m not home, I can"t obtain calls or texts, which is fine by me -- and also I"ll only revolve cellular on if I have to use Uber/Lyft or if I have to make an outbound speak to.

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On incredibly rare occasions once I"m ameans from house (and therefore linked to neither cell nor WiFi) I"ll get an SMS text. Normally just random stuff prefer Amazon sending me a locker access code, informing me I have a package to pickup, and so on

On also rarer occasions I"ll get a call in this mode. I can not actually answer it, but it"ll ring as soon as briefly and show me a caller ID.


Why am I able to obtain occasional SMS messages and also inbound contact attempts, despite cellular being off and also not being linked to a WiFi network?

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asked May 2 "20 at 16:46

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Why am I able to obtain occasional SMS texts and inbound call attempts, despite cellular being off and also not being connected to a WiFi network?

Cellular data is not concerned SMS. That"s a function of your voice service. See: Cellular iPad-Air text message configuration for more details.

WiFi calling is a supplement to your cellular voice plan. If the WiFi network is easily accessible, your phone will certainly usage WiFi rather of the LTE network to make a contact. If you turn off WiFi and also cellular information and also leave cellular voice on, calls will continue to come via.

But to summarize it, if you can make voice calls on your cell netjob-related, you deserve to obtain SMS/MMS messperiods.

See more: 9 I Said Good Day Sir I Said Good Day !, Tootsie (1982)

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