10 Powers Professor X Technically Has (But Rarely Uses) Professor X is among the strongest telepaths in the Marvel universe, but he doesn"t always usage all the abilities at his disposal.

Professor X Powers
Professor Xavier is not just a leader and also hero, but one of the most powerful teleroutes in the Marvel Universe. With telepathy comes the ability to review the minds of others and also psychically shout "to me my X-Men," but also comes a myriad of extra perks that have aided him over the years.

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Unfortunately, Charles Xavier is far also often stuck at the X Mansion, off in area, or dead, so readers seldom check out the unique applications of his abilities in the area. However before, as soon as he does go all out, he deserve to be quite the powerhouse.

Anyone that has actually viewed FOX"s films will certainly the majority of likely remember Xavier (and also sometimes Jean) using the Cerebro machine to discover mutants. This capability is not somepoint from the machine but, yet an natural ability of Professor X. Using his telepathy, Professor X is able to feeling the minds of those around him, virtually acting favor a mental sonar. More frequently in the X-Men comics and movies, the audience will certainly check out Jean Grey scan her surroundings for minds, but this is extremely a lot in Xavier"s bag of tricks as well.

Charles Xavier From X-Men
An capacity that is regularly debated, but not shown on-web page is Xavier"s pension for creating psychic shields and blocks. In the means that Colossus might block attacks from hitting his teammates via his steel skin, Professor X can produce psychological shields for his team that deserve to keep out enemy telepaths.

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Against adversaries through mental abilities of their very own, this deserve to be an added layer of defense. In a much more active scenario, Xavier deserve to throw up a psychic shield to proccasion himself or a teammate from being hit via the classical psychic whammy.

Teaching is just one of the crucial aspects of who Professor X is at his core. He is often shown teaching his team in the risk room or his students in the classroom. Oddly sufficient, all the moment he spends teaching is seemly simply bereason he loves doing it, since being a psychic could make his classes a lot shorter.

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Teleroutes, including Charles, have the neat perk of being able to uppack expertise into another"s mind or simply downloading and install information from an additional. He deserve to teach a mutant the regular table, share the floor arrangement of an adversary base, or even teach them an entire language. He did this exact thing in Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #153 (Claremont and also Cockrum) once he taught all of the X-Men Russian so that they can talk to Colossus" younger sister, Illyana Rasputin.

7 Possession

Professor Charles Xavier tries regulating Amelia Voght's mind
With Charles being a hero (most of the time), readers seldom view him use his powers on others without their consent out, but among the many type of applications of his telepathy is being able to takeover and also possess the minds of overs. If he so wiburned, Xavier could control a perkid favor they were a puppet on his string. In the film X-Men: Days of Future Past, audiences view Xavier execute this to creepy impact once he controls a woman in the Paris airport to have actually a conversation through Mystique.

Although the astral airplane is oft linked with the Sorcerer Supreme himself – Doctor Stvariety – Charles Xavier has actually been known to travel the aircraft himself. While on the astral airplane, Xavier have the right to take the shape of his psychological state, occasionally illustrated as a transparent bald form. In Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #117 (Claremont and Byrne), Professor X takes on an armored develop to block psychic blows as he fights the Shadow King. In Astonishing X-Men Vol. 4 (Soule and also Cheung), it was even revealed that Xavier made it through for years in the astral airplane after his death in 2012"s Avengers vs. X-Men (Bendis and Romita Jr.).

5 Amnesia

Just as teleroutes can conveniently uppack indevelopment into someone"s mind, so can they take information. More regularly than not, if Xavier offers this capacity, he does it for seemingly benign reasons – however that is not just how his students always feel. In Marvel Comics Presents Vol. 1 #85 (David and also Keith), "Just Friends Part 1 - Professor," it is revealed that Xavier erased the memory of Hank McCoy (aka Beast) from his family and also friends, a lot to the young X-Man"s dismay. This ability is frequently forgained, however is that on purpose?

With Xavier running a team of mutants from across the civilization, it can come in handy to act as a universal translator. The professor has been known to use his telepathy to instantly understand also another language. This capability has actually enabled him to take a trip the human being searching for mutants, and also even send the mutants to Japan for Wolverine"s wedding while knowledge Japanese. This capacity was additionally rather beneficial in enabling Xavier to communicate through his longtime alien fling, Queen Lilandra of the Shi"ar Realm.

3 Mind Transferral

With the activity of indevelopment to and from minds, some teleroutes such as Charles Xavier have actually been able to deliver consciousnesses in between bodies. In a current instance of Krakoan resurrection, Xavier had the ability to move the minds of others (in this case out of his Cerebro storage and right into a body).

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Just prior to Hickman"s tenure via the X-Men began in 2019, Xavier was displayed transferring his consciousness right into what was Phantomex"s body in Astonishing X-Men Vol. 4 (Soule and also Cheung). More infamously, Professor X was displayed in the article credits scene of X-Men: The Last Stand having actually survived his death by carrying his mind right into the mindless body of a coma patient.

One often forgotten power – coupled through their ability to develop illusions – is their capability to camouflage themselves and others. Xavier can usage this ability to not physically adjust his appearance, but fairly change someone"s perception of his appearance. He might provide himself a various eye color, readjust his apparel, or even make himself look favor a woman. This capability might have actually come in handy for the X-Men once trying to sneak right into a area or pull a quick one on the understand shapeshifter herself, Mystique.

1 Mind Alteration

Many readers and characters achoose tfinish to forget the shadier sides of Professor Xavier"s powers. One of the most ethically ambiguous applications of his telepathy is the capability to alter the minds and memories of others. Before one of his students can also know what they had actually done, Xavier can exceptionally well have readjusted a memory, added one, or even changed someone"s perception of an occasion.

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The most inwell known use of this ability was arguably in the The Last Stand, wbelow Charles Xavier admits to having produced "blocks" in Jean"s mind to stop her from accessing her Phoenix "personality." Many likely in an effort to store Professor Xavier as a mainly heroic number, he is thankcompletely seldom displayed altering the minds of others.