How to chef Unripe Spaghetti Squash as a Summer Squash is for vegetables gardeners who have actually young unripe spaghetti squash in the garden. This will certainly answer your concerns if friend wonder what to do with them!

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This year I grew spaghetti squash because that the an initial time in my tiny garden space, and it reminded me just how I offered to LOVE young unripe spaghetti squash earlier in the days as soon as I had actually a enlarge garden. And also I know gardening season will certainly be winding down soon and also I thought civilization who have a excess of small spaghetti squash the aren’t going to mature might like to try my technique for How to chef Unripe Spaghetti Squash together a Summer Squash! This is other I have actually done for plenty of years (whenever I can get my hand on unripe spaghetti squash).

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What’s the difference in between winter squash and also summer squash?

Squashes are split into winter squash (which ripen late in the season, have the right to be stored v the winter, and have hard outer rinds) and also summer squash (which have a soft external skin and can be eaten rind, seeds, and all.) Zucchini is the most well known summer squash the course, but when this recipe refers to cooking Spaghetti Squash as a summer squash it method cooking it as soon as it’s young and has a soft skin.

How did ns learn around cooking unripe spaghetti squash?

Many years earlier I was presented to this means of eating spaghetti squash through a former boyfriend who thrived it in his garden, and he taught me around picking the squashes when they to be young and green and also the skin could be pierced easily with her fingernail, and also then merely boiling them and serving together a vegetables with several butter, salt, and also pepper. The wasn’t until many years later that i learned to leave the spaghetti squash ~ above the vine till the skins turn yellow, climate bake or microwave the squash for this reason the strands pull apart into a type of vegetables “spaghetti” which is likewise tasty in a various way. I prefer spaghetti squash as a winter squash, however I am absolutely crazy about spaghetti squash as soon as it’s cooked together a summer squash.

How can you obtain unripe spaghetti squash?

You’ll never be able to find young spaghetti squash favor this in a constant store, so you’ll probably have actually to flourish some in her garden or find a friend who has a garden who’s willing to share if you desire to try this recipe. Ns haven’t ever before run across another gardener who had actually tried this, so ns hope some of my readers will be certain to try it if you gain a chance. Trust me, you will certainly love it! In fact, I simply ate few of my leftovers while ns was typing this up!


How to cook Unripe Spaghetti Squash as a Summer Squash:

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Most young spaghetti squash is irradiate green, yet in the 2nd photo you have the right to see I acquired one that was darker green.Choose young, little spaghetti squash v skin that have the right to be easily pierced through your fingernail.Wash the exterior of the squash well.Cut turn off both ends, then reduced the rest of the squash up into pieces around 2 inches square. (If her squash has actually noticeable seeds, be sure they room tender.)Bring water come a boil, add salt, and include the spaghetti squash and also turn warm to medium.Simmer the spaghetti squash till it’s tender (but no mushy), around 10-15 minutes or till the squash is conveniently pierced through a fork.Put cooked squash into large colander and let it drainpipe well, for 5 minute or more.

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It’s crucial not to rush the draining time.Put spaghetti squash into a serving bowl and serve hot, through plenty that butter and also salt and also freshly soil pepper.And to trust me, this is not a time come skimp on the butter. I hope you try it if you acquire a chance!