Do you love eat a warm slice that pizza on those coldnights in bed or when you’re watching a movie? Or execute you favor ordering it whenyou have actually friends comes over since you know that pizza is together acrowd-pleaser? one of two people way, i think we can all agree thatpizza is an amazing and delicious enjoy the meal to have all-year-round.

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But, oncethat pizza has spent the night in the fridge, it deserve to go native fab to drab. So,heating that while it’s still in package is the easiest means to go, right?

Well, yes and also no. I want to present you what can take place if you placed it in one ovenand how to execute it safely. I’m additionally going come talk around some that the bestalternative means to warm a cold pizza.

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How toHeat up your Pizza

Is the Dangerous to warm Cardboardin an Oven?

First, let’s gain the key question the end of the way. Canyou heat your cardboard pizza crate in the oven? — Yes, girlfriend can. As long the box fits inside, you deserve to heatyour pizza in the oven. yet how safe is it?

Well, if friend don’t carry out it right, there space a many ofthings that can go wrong. Because that example, ifyou collection the temperature top top your cooktop too high, the cardboard could actuallycatch top top fire.

Not only have the right to heating pizza in stove be dangerous,but it will also adjust the taste ofyour food. most cardboard pizza boxes have actually a thin layer of record insidethat keeps your pizza warm for a much longer time.

But, due to the fact that the file is for this reason thin, the heats increase much much faster than the box, and also your pizza deserve to taste bitter or burnt. What’s more, the record is coated with some chemicals which gain released once you heat the pizza this way.

How toSafely warm up her Cardboard Pizza crate in the Oven

As ns going to show you a little later, there space acouple of methods you have the right to heat your pizza without using the cardboard or the oven.But, if her heart is collection on heating it increase in the box, you have to know exactly how todo the safely.

First, if you’re heating up the whole pizza, and notjust a pair of slices, preheat youroven. The safest temperature for heating is 170℉–250℉.

You can leave thebox in the range for around 10–15 minutes, simply make sure to check it everyfew minutes. Be mindful when taking it out of the oven since the cardboardwill obtain hot.

How toStore Leftover Pizza

If you desire your pizza to taste together fresh together possiblefor a lengthy time, there are a pair of points you can do. First, girlfriend can placed your slices in a resealable bag andput the in the fridge.

Also, you can coverthe pizza v some plastic pave and record towels. just make certain it’stightly wrapped to protect against drying the out.

If you have actually a many pizza and also don’t understand what to dowith it, repeat the previous step and put that in the freezer. By law so,you’ll have the ability to preserve your pizza for around six months.

But, even prior to you put the pizza in the fridge, wait because that it to completely cool down. Ifyou placed a warm pizza in the fridge, it will certainly just end up being soggy and wet, andnothing will be able to save it.

How toHeat up her Pizza

There room a couple of means you have the right to heat up your pizzathat won’t possibly burn down your house. First, let’s talk around ovens.


If you desire to heat your pizza in an oven, you can just placed it ~ above your stove rack. Preheat your oven to roughly 350℉ and also leave the in because that 5–8 minutes. The pizzawill come the end tasting together fresh together the work you notified it.

Another good trick for heating her pizza is to wrap it in aluminum foil. Wrap every slice individually and put it in the oven at 400℉ for around ten minutes. If you use aluminum foil, her pizza will certainly be crisp and taste delicious.

The only downside to using an oven to warmth your pizza is the it will raise the temperature in her room. If that the middle of summer and you have actually no air conditioning unit in her home, i recommend trying another method.

Toaster Oven

Heating your pizza in a toaster range is quite muchthe same thing as doing it in a continuous oven. The only distinction is that you won’t have the ability to heat an ext than acouple of pizza slices in ~ the same time.

First, covering them through some aluminum foil and preheatyour toaster cooktop to medium heat. Youcan also put some holes in the foil to let the moisture out.


For this next trick, all you require is a burner or hot plate and a pan. placed the pan ~ above the burner and preheat it end a medium temperature. Then, ar your part inside and also cover it through a lid.

If friend don’thave a pan lid, you deserve to use aluminum foil again. By extending your pan with a lid, thecheese will come to be nice and bubbly, and the tomato sauce will certainly be the perfecttemperature.

Another trick i picked up works good if she acheese-lover. Grate some parmesan cheeseover her pizza to make a small skirt. It will provide your pizza thatcrunch, and also it will certainly taste amazing.


Next, I want to talk around a an approach that could notwork because that everyone yet is a winner in my book. If you have a grill, preheat it to a medium temperature and also leave thepizza on it for about 6–8 minutes.

By placing the pizza on a grill, you won’t need to worry around your cheese obtaining a rubbery texture. Also, the bottom tardy will obtain nice char point out to give it part extra flavor. Unlike through the pan, you can collection your whole pizza ~ above the grill and also let it warmth up all at once.


Last yet not least, I have to talk around themicrowave. Now, this is the simplest andmost convenient method of heating your pizza. There space two ways you deserve to dothis. First, you can just placed your part on the microwave plate and also heat it upfor a minute at medium power.

You can likewise put a file towel in between your pizza and also the plate. By doing so, the towel will absorb few of the water and grease, and also your pizza i will not ~ come the end tasting prefer a wet, soggy mess.

Another technique you could shot is to fill up a microwave-safe dish v 2/3 of water. Put your part on height of the food and collection your timer because that a minute at medium heat. Again, if you take it this extra step, her pizza will taste a lot an ext crispy and less soggy.


Bottom Line: placing Your Pizza crate in the range Isn’t a an excellent Idea

There you have actually it — every one of the means to keep andreheat her pizza. Together you’ve seen, heatingyour pizza while it’s quiet in the cardboard box isn’t such a an excellent idea. Not only will come the end tasting bitter, however it can also potentially begin a firein your home.

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If you can, shot each that these approaches to watch which one works ideal for you. My favorite means of heating pizza is putting it in the pan due to the fact that it’s for this reason easy. You won’t damage the crispiness and also taste of your slice, and the pizza will certainly taste as fresh as the work you obtained it.