string returnUrl = "/;WebUtil.Redirect(returnUrl);However, the the last line over seems to throw an exception below:

6156 2016:11:18 06:41:01 ERROR applications error.Exception: System.Web.HttpExceptionMessage: cannot redirect ~ HTTP headers have actually been sent.Source: System.Web in ~ System.Web.HttpResponse.Redirect(String url, Boolean endResponse, Boolean permanent) in ~ path)Any idea what could be throwing this excpetion?

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This exception can take place in at least 2 cases:

There is currently a redirect that has been initiated earlier throughout the web page request.

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Your application wrote other headers come the response before WebUtil.Redirect was called.

In both cases, you should acquire a clue about what"s happening by setup a breakpoint top top the line with WebUtil.Redirect and also looking at the values stored in Response.Headers.

If there"s already a redirect header, the ideal thing to perform is make certain your redirection reasonable is consolidated in one place—then there won"t it is in room because that such errors.

If you can"t regulate previous redirects, climate you can guard against them:

if (!Response.IsRequestBeingRedirected) wire returnUrl = "/"; WebUtil.Redirect(returnUrl);
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