For those who aren’t mindful, previous SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella is presently dating After The Bell podcast hold Corey Graves. The pair have actually been dating for virtually a year now.

However before, shortly after her separation from former WWE star Big Cass, rumours started circulating that Carmella was romantically associated via John Cena.

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Speaking on WWE’s now YouTube show ‘If It’s on the Internet’, Carmella addressed the rumours that she dated the 16-time World Champion:

“That is so much from the truth. I badepend recognize John Cena. Since we both live in Tampa, human being believed that we were dating? Yea, that’s totally fabricated.”

During the clip, Carmella also spoke about human being accusing her of having actually many plastic surgery. On the topic, ‘Mella had actually the following to say:

“Well, that’s true, I’ve had actually breast implants. My favorite component is as soon as people say I had it done to my face which is totally false. I’ve had actually lip filler which is not an enigma. So, all the civilization out tright here saying my challenge is fake I appreciate the enhance bereason there’s nopoint fake. I simply learn how to contour and also carry out good makeup. I’ve never had plastic surgical treatment on my confront.”


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