Cast on Death Support gem causes linked spells to trigger when the player is killed. Note that this does not trigger on minion deaths. Requires Level 38. Each supported spell skill will be triggered when you die. Cannot support skills used by totems, traps, or mines. Vaal skills, channelling skills, and skills that reserve mana cannot be triggered.

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Cast on Death is not a gem you make a build around. Because you’re dead when you use it, obviously. Totally useless in Hardcore. For Softcore, you do have a few options. Tthat Portal is a good one, as long as where you died isn’t going to get you killed the moment you spawn in there. Other effects that could be good are large area effects. Spells that were cast before you died, and spells that trigger off this, continue to act while you are sitting there watching your dead body, which can help clear out a bunch of the enemies that killed you making your return easier later on.

Basically, it’s there to help players that end up dying a lot get further each time. For a pro who is running endgame maps and hardcore, it’s useless.

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Popular skills with it Cast on Death Support
Portal(White): 99%

100% chance to Trigger Supported Non-Minion Spells on Death. You cannot Cast Supported Triggerable Spells directly. (0-304)% more Damage while Dead.

Cast on Death Support Leveling Guide

LevelRequired LevelRequired DexterityRequired Intelligencex% more Damage while DeadExperience needed to level upTotal experience needed123456789101112131415161718192021

Per 1% Quality: Supported Skills have 3% increased Area of Effect while Dead. A Gemcutter’s Prism (often abbreviated GCP) is a currency item that can be used to improve the quality of a gem. Each Gemcutter’s Prism will always raise the quality by 1%. The maximum quality is 20%.

PoE Cast on Death Support Gem Farming

1. Direct purchase from vendor

The price of Cast on Death Support is an

Orb of Alchemy. This gem can be bought at the listed NPC vendors, after completing the following quests:

Petarus and Vanja(Highgate, Act 4). After completing The Eternal Nightmare quest, you can buy gems from this vendor.2. Divination cardsAmountDivination CardResultDrop Areas
9Gift of the Gemling Queenrandomlevel 20 Support gemThe Tunnel•The Quarry•Crystal Ore Map•Dig Map•Excavation Map•Flooded Mine Map•Geode Map
7Dialla’s Subjugationrandomcorruptedsuperior Support gem (Q23)Ivory Temple Map•Temple Map
6The Foxrandomlevel 20 gemThe Western Forest (Act 2)•The Riverways (Act 6)•The Vaal City•The Crossroads (Act 7)•The Fellshrine Ruins (Act 7)•Barrows Map•Castle Ruins Map•Sunken City Map
13The Cataclysmrandomcorruptedlevel 21 Spell gemStrange Sinkhole•Concealed Cavity•Sunken Shingle•Clouded Ridge•Forgotten Oubliette•Remote Gulch•Cremated Archives•Narrow Ravine•Mystical Clearing•Covered-up Hollow•Hidden Patch•Entombed Alcove•Secret Laboratory•Secluded Copse•Forbidden Chamber•Quarantined Quarters•Inner Grounds•Sealed Corridors•Restricted Gallery•Disused Furnace•Blind Alley•Entombed Chamber•Sacred Chambers•Stagnant Canal•Walled-off Ducts•Neglected Cellar•Arcane Chambers•Forgotten Conduit•Ancient Catacomb•Haunted Mineshaft•Abandoned Dam•Desolate Track•Reclaimed Barracks•Sealed Basement•Secluded Canal•Forbidden Archives•Cremated Archives•Twisted Inquisitorium•Deathly Chambers•Restricted Collection•Side Chapel•Radiant Pools•Clouded Ledge•Flooded Complex•Forbidden Shrine•Sealed Repository•Evacuated Quarter•Concealed Caldarium•Moonlit Chambers•Shifting Sands•Forgotten Gulch•Desolate Isle•Dusty Bluff
3Gemcutter’s Promiserandomsuperior gem (Q20)The Ebony Barracks•The Lunaris Concourse•Colonnade Map•Promenade Map
3. Buy level 21 Cast on Death Support gem from other players

The price of a level 21 Cast on Death Support is about 10

Chaos Orb.

4. Slain monsters

The drop level of Cast on Death Support is 38. You can get it by killing enemies, opening Gemcutter’s Strongbox.

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The Broken Crownis auniqueProphet Crown. Applicableskill gemssocketed in this item aresupportedby level 20 Cast on Death Support. All support stats are accounted for.