Bill Murray has actually nothing but love for the Chicago Cubs | Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs winner their first World series in end a 100 years. They had, in fact, been to the height of the significant League Baseball mountain; it simply hadn’t happened since 1908. However, now that this year’s squad has officially won it all, we witnessed the end to among the biggest curses in all of sports. And us “normal” persons aren’t the only ones that saw this walk down.

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For many people, it’s as if celebrities live on an entirely various planet. They to visit extravagant parties, walk the red carpet, and galavant approximately the world; essentially, castle live the way of living of the rich and also famous. Yet, sports fandom to know no taxes bracket — and also that particularly holds true because that the Chicago Cubs. Still, we’re only human. Therefore, us can’t aid but favor to recognize which groups celebrities have tendency to cheer for. Together the Cubs overcame the “Curse that the Billy Goat,” you far better believe this six well known individuals confirmed Chicago several love.

1. Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman loves the Cubs | Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

During a recent appearance on The late Show, gibbs Nick Offerman, who was born in Juliet, Ill. and is a substantial Cubs fan, described to organize Stephen Colbert just how he preserved his cool throughout Chicago’s postseason run. Stated the former Parks and also Recreation star: “I recognize that something might happen in the comes weeks that would be very an excellent for mine baseball team, but I’m not attaching emotion to it.” Offerman referred to as this details approach his “compartmentalization system.” Considering Colbert’s own an individual allegiance, this was a an excellent piece of advice for him come follow together well.

2. Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is a enormous Cubs fan | Paul Zimmerman/Getty pictures for Montclair film Festival

That’s right, folks. Stephen Colbert is an additional famous Chicago Cubs fan. He loves the team so much that he’s even gone undercover at Wrigley Field, selling hot dogs as vendor, “Donny Franks.” It’s for sure to say that at the moment of his undercover procedure the Cubbies stood a far better chance of winning the people Series than Colbert did of making it as a experienced hot dog vendor. The creepy goatee definitely doesn’t assist his cause.

3. Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart is all around the Cubs | Imeh Akpanudosen-Getty Images

It only takes a fast look at legend actor and comedian Bob Newhart’s Twitter page to understand he’s a real–deal Cubs fan. Not just does that dedicate plenty of of his articles to his favorite MLB team, however he also often tends to carry about his own an individual “W” flag. If anyone deserved to watch the Chicago Cubs finally win the people Series, it’s Newhart.

4. John Cusack

John Cusack is hoping the Cubs have the right to break the curse | man MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images

Like Newhart, john Cusack is another celebrity who provides Twitter to show his undying affection because that the Cubbies. Whether the club is winning or losing, the actor, who was born in Evanston, Ill. And currently stays in Chicago, proceeds to provide unwavering support for the national League and also World collection champs. We saw plenty the Cusack in the stands together the Cubs slowly but surely took under the Cleveland Indians.

5. Eddie Vedder

The Cubs have Eddie Vedder to sing in their corner | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is a Chicago Cubs fan through and also through. He cares around this team so much that he also wrote a song about it. Together a result, it was hardly surprising to see Vedder hanging with Cubs president of Baseball work Theo Epstein during the NLCS and also partying through the remainder of the players after they clinched the pennant. We have the right to only imagine exactly how much the raged once Chicago won four more games.

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6. Bill Murray

Bill Murray is a Cubs fan through and through | Alex Wong/Getty Images

There might be no enlarge Chicago Cubs fan in the civilization than bill Murray. The actor and comedic genius took end the White home briefing room to talk up his favourite squad and also pretty much wept prefer a baby when the Cubbies in reality clinched the pennant. Us couldn’t wait to uncover out how Murray reacted once the Cubs won the world Series. To our delight, he celebrated with the team and demanded that colleges close.