So you understand exactly how we sassist the teaser for Channing Tatum"sLip Sync Battle -which sees himdressed asFrozen"sElsa singing"Let It Go" -was the finest point we"d ever before lhelp eyes on? Well it isn"t. We take it all ago and regret saying it in the first place.

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Why? BECAUSE MORE OF THE VIDEOIS HERE AND IT"S A MILLION TIMES (if not more)BETTER THAN THE TEASER, that"s bloody why. We"re talking more lip syncing, even more leg action and more prancing roughly in a dress. It"s rather franklywonderful.

Now that we"re over the initial SWOONING action(not certain we are however you know), you can desire to understand that Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna are taking part in a head to head Lip Sync Battle on Spikelater this week, which sees them try to out-sync each other.

The difficulty is to take on a specific variety of songs in characterand also to put on the ideal performance possible. Now without being entirely bias, Channing in a dress wins for us eexceptionally time - especially as soon as it"s blue, floorsize and sequinned.

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Lip Sync Battle on Spike goes down on Thursday, January 7th at 10p/9c.

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