Saturday Night Live’s 2018 season premiere featured an HIV joke that’s right outta the 1980s.

During the “Weekend Update” segment through Colin Jost and also Michael Che, Che spoke around Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee about his alleged attack of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Throughout the segment, Che was making a joke about Brett’s meant alcoholism and also, somejust how, made people via HIV the butt of the joke.

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“I don’t know if Mr. Kavanaugh actually has actually a history of assault or if he actually has a drinking problem, however I execute recognize that he might,” Che shelp. “And you shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court if you can. You shouldn’t be on the People’s Court if you might.”

Che continued, “Sometimes ‘might’ is sufficient. I don’t desire to pet your dog if he can bite me. I don’t desire to leave you in my home if you could be a crackhead. I’m not going to have actually sex with you if you can have dated Charlie Sheen.”

Yikes, there’s a lot to unload here. I don’t recognize why Che made a decision to compare Kavanaugh to a perkid living through the crack or HIV/AIDS epidemics, but right here we are! A lot of people could say it’s never before a great idea to drill dvery own as well hard into a joke, however I’m going to anymeans.

Che’s joke wasn’t just about Charlie Sheen, that is more than likely now one of the many famed civilization living through HIV in the people. It was likewise about the fear of sleeping through someone who has actually slept with someone who has HIV — which is an outdated, scientifically unsound position to take. The joke most likely won’t do Charlie Sheen himself great damage, however to those casual viewers of Saturday Night Live who are also not up on scientific research, the joke reifies the worst stigmas against world living via HIV, namely that they are unworthy of love and physical affection.

Despite several awareness projects trying to teach civilization that civilization via HIV that are undetectable can’t transmit the virus, that message still hasn’t permeated the zeitgeist. Even worse, despite acknowledgement from officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that U=U is actual, studies have presented that the majority of people still don’t believe it. One current research in the Journal of the International AIDS Society proved that a disturbingly high amount — two-thirds — of HIV-negative gay men, or gay guys who don’t recognize their standing, think that U=U as a statement is not completely exact.

What is funny, unfavor the SNL joke, is that SNL has actually tackled Sheen’s HIV standing before, and also with better outcomes. In a 2015 episode, hosted by Matthew McConaughey, a fake TV game present referred to as “Should You Chime In on This?” posited that you must not, in fact, chime in on Sheen’s disclocertain of his HIV status. (A quick reminder that Sheen was compelled to discshed his diagnosis before an reveal on him was publiburned the next day.)

Saturday Night Live has actually tackled HIV in the previous and also had the ability to joke around it via a little more panache.

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Back in 1985, Madonna organized the show’s seaboy premiere and also appeared in a skit around HIV stigma in which HIV-negative people who had actually a are afraid of possibly catching HIV via kissing were the skewered topics.