Celebrities have access to a life filled with luxuries that most of united state cannot even imagine, however that privilege likewise often comes through the press to maintain specific unrealistic beauty standards. V the way to covering extravagant expenses and also the pestering have to stay forever youthful and flawless, it’s no wonder that so plenty of stars revolve to plastic surgical treatment as a systems to their woes.

While the actions are likely an ext common amongst the rich and famous than all over else, they haven’t yet shed their taboo status. Numerous stars deny having gone under the knife also when the alterations seem apparent to fans. Others important haven’t had any kind of work done and also become the target the plastic surgical treatment accusations that have actually no communication in reality. 

When Chelsea Handler discovered herself being scrutinized for potential operation alterations, she shut down the movie critics with a perfect joke. 

Chelsea Handler started in comedy at a young age

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Chelsea Handler | Toni ann Barson/WireImage

Handler was simply 19 when she relocated from brand-new Jersey to LA v her sights set on making that in the to chat world. Really quickly, comedy came to be her niche, and she began performing in stand-up shows.

That work caused an appearance on Oxygen’s Girls Behaving Badly, a hidden camera present that both showcased and also honed Handler’s bold publicly persona. 

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Handler often turned come a subject she knew really well in order to get brand-new material for she comedy: herself. Self-deprecating and also irreverent humor was her strong suit, and also in 2005, she released a book titled My Horizontal Life: A collection of One-Night Stands.

If anyone had any doubts that Handler to be making a name for herself as an edgy star, the frank conversation of her own love life and also relationship failures placed them come rest. 

Chelsea Handler is well-known for her candid honesty

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Handler has a call for being a comedian who is unafraid to tell it choose it is. She bold, outspoken format has end up being a cornerstone of she persona, and fans recognize to suppose the unexpected when it involves what Handler will certainly say next.

As one might imagine, the star has actually ruffled an ext than a couple of feathers in her job-related as a stand-up comedian, talk display host, and also writer. Plenty of celebrities have discovered themselves in her crosshairs over the years. 

Handler has additionally been really vocal in her an individual life. She generally discusses she political views and is a really outspoken doubter of Donald Trump. Though her criticism has some bipartisanship to it due to the fact that she likewise had part barbs for brand-new York branch (and Democrat) Andrew Cuomo after he responded poorly, at least in Handler’s view, to the comedian’s windy confession that she had actually a crush on him. 

Not every little thing is a hoax for Handler, however. She has additionally been open about her very own struggles with psychological health and also shared openly around her experiences with therapy and also its impact.

Chelsea Handler snapped a joke in solution to plastic surgery rumors

You can think someone that is therefore open about everything from she one-night stands come her therapy sessions would have no difficulty owning up to plastic surgery, but some movie critics were persuaded that Handler had secretly unable to do under the knife. As Wonderwall reports, a snarky 2015 US Weekly article said that Chandler had actually her breasts lifted since she to be anxious about them feather “saggy.” 

Chandler, true to form, had actually the perfect response: “Um…there have actually been a lot of of males who’ve touched my boobies, but not one of them has ever been a doctor.” To do the message also clearer, Handler tweeted the end a topless photograph to prove she had nothing come hide. Lock say that visual aids go a long way toward obtaining the suggest across!