Convert Chinese Yuan(CNY) to Australian Dollar(AUD) utilizing the money converter via the latest foreign exchange prices.

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100 CNY


21.09508 AUD

Bid Price: 21.08453

Ask Price: 21.10562

Convert Australian Dollar To Chinese Yuan



The Chinese Yuan (meaning "round object" or "round coin" in Chinese) is the base unit of a variety of contemporary Chinese currencies. The Yuan is the main unit of account of the Renminbi. In many type of parts of China, renminbi are counted in "kuai" rather than "Yuan". -- The Australian dollar is the money of the Commonwealth of Australia, that including Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island also, and also Norfolk Island also, and the independent Pacific Island also claims of Kiribati, Nauru and also Tuvalu. It is the fifth-most-traded currency in the human being international exadjust industries.
1 CNY =0.21095 AUD4.74044 CNY =1 AUD
2 CNY =0.4219 AUD9.48088 CNY =1 AUD
5 CNY =1.05475 AUD23.7022 CNY =1 AUD
10 CNY =2.1095 AUD47.4044 CNY =1 AUD
20 CNY =4.219 AUD94.8088 CNY =1 AUD
25 CNY =5.27375 AUD118.511 CNY =1 AUD
50 CNY =10.5475 AUD237.022 CNY =1 AUD
100 CNY =21.095 AUD474.044 CNY =1 AUD
1000 CNY =210.95 AUD4740.44 CNY =1 AUD

Exreadjust Rate History Chart For Converter Chinese Yuan(CNY) to Australian Dollar(AUD)


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Currency Converter Historical For Converter 100 Chinese Yuan(CNY) to Australian Dollar(AUD)

Currency100 CNY Value:
100 (CNY) to USA Dollar(USD)15.518
100 (CNY) to Euro(EUR)13.134
100 (CNY) to Pound Sterling(GBP)11.216
100 (CNY) to Canadian Dollar(CAD)19.692
100 (CNY) to Swiss Franc(CHF)14.245
100 (CNY) to Japanese Yen(JPY)1705.818
100 (CNY) to Australian Dollar(AUD)21.095
100 (CNY) to Hong Kong Dollar(HKD)120.692
100 (CNY) to New Zealand also Dollar(NZD)21.814
100 (CNY) to Indian rupee(INR)1140.948
100 (CNY) to Brazilian Real(BRL)81.406
100 (CNY) to South Afrihave the right to Rand(ZAR)220.506
100 (CNY) to Russian Ruble(RUB)1135.678
100 (CNY) to Singapore Dollar(SGD)20.821
100 (CNY) to South Korean Won(KRW)18161.476
100 (CNY) to Taiwanese Dollar(TWD)429.286
100 (CNY) to Argentine Peso(ARS)1521.073
100 (CNY) to Chilean Peso(CLP)12234.998
100 (CNY) to Egyptian Pound(EGP)243.783
100 (CNY) to Mexihave the right to Peso(MXN)308.713
100 (CNY) to Norwegian Krone(NOK)135.171
100 (CNY) to Romanian Leu(RON)64.952
100 (CNY) to Turkish Lira(TRY)131.426

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