This story takes ar in London, England. The moment is winter and also it start the day before Christmas, also known together Christmas Eve. The settings of the publication include Scrooge’s count House, Scrooge’s Home, Bob Cratchit’s home, assorted locations throughout Scrooges childhood favor the schoolhouse and also the Fizziwig’s location where Scrooge to be an apprentice, this is where a Christmas party take it place and also he met the one love of his life.

Then the skips to Scrooge’s love of his life as soon as she is married and also they speak around Scrooge and also how the is now in a human being of his money. Also, it mirrors the exchange, homeless world under a bridge, and also a cemetery.

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The four main characters in the publication are Ebenezer Scrooge, small Tim, Bob Cratchit, and Ebenezer Scrooge’s nephew, Fred. First, let’s examine Ebenezer Scrooge, since he is the key character the the story, all 3 ghosts visit him.

Through him, the class of the story is to it is in learned. In the book, he is made the end to it is in Anti-Christmas and he is continually commented about by characters in the book, some feeling pity, others emotion hostility.

“External heat and also cold had tiny influence top top Scrooge. No warmth could warm, no wintry weather chill him. No wind that go out was bitterer than he…Nobody ever before stopped in the street to say, v gladsome looks, ‘My too ~ Scrooge, how are you? once will you involved see me?’.

No beggars implored him come bestow a trifle, no children asked him what it was o’clock, no guy or woman ever once in every his life inquired the method to such and such a place, of Scrooge.” (Dickens 14). Next, there is small Tim, he seems to be a prize of expect in this story even though he has to use a crutch to walk and he is very small.

Despite his disability, that constantly keeps the soul up and also tries to keep it in all his brothers, sisters, and parents, even though they room poor. That is the epitome of the Christmas spirit, the which need to inhibit every one of us. “He told me, coming home, that he hope the human being saw him due to the fact that he to be a cripple, and also it could be pleasant to them come remember, ~ above Christmas Day, that made lame beggars walk and blind men see.” (125).

This quote just shows exactly how thoughtful he is, and also how much he cares because that others. Small Tim’s dad Bob Cratchit is next on my list. The is one employee of Scrooge and also he is the only one in the Cratchit household to thank him genuinely because that the job and also the pay that he has provided him to support his family and also keep food in your stomachs. “…and in came small Bob, the father, v at the very least three feet that comforter, exclusive on the fringe, hanging down before him, and also his threadbare apparel all darned approximately look seasonable, and Tiny Tim ~ above his shoulder.”(121).

The father’s love because that his family members bleeds through the reality that they space poor and also Scrooge look at this in the means they act. The last yet not least major character is Scrooge’s nephew, Fred. He appears to be the only individual who involves converse v Scrooge and offer that anything. In this case, Fred readily available him an invitation to his residence for Christmas dinner.

Fred is encouraged at the beginning of the story that Scrooge doesn’t really average “Bah!…Humbug!” (18) no issue how numerous times he says it. Fred is gift cheerful and in high spirits. “He had actually so heated himself with rapid walking in the fog and also frost, this nephew that Scrooge’s, the he was every in a glow; his challenge ruddy and handsome; his eyes sparkled, and his breath exhilaration again.” (18). Together I claimed before, Fred is one of the few that feels pity for Scrooge.

The publication starts turn off by talking around Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s former organization partner. The basically claims that he “was dead as a door-nail” (11). Climate it moves to Scrooges counting-house where he converses through Fred. Climate two men come in to ask for a donation and also Scrooge shoos them away quickly enough.

Then Bob Cratchit comes in because that a day’s work and also Scrooge is stingy about putting charcoal on the fire. At this point in the book, Scrooge is no made out to it is in a nice, caring, giving man. As soon as Scrooge goes home, that is confronted by the ghost the Marley that tells him that he will certainly be haunted by three spirits end the course of the following three days, each at One O’clock.

The very first spirit the comes is the Ghost that Christmas Past. This soul takes Scrooge back to his childhood wherein he sees a really lonely boy engulfed in his publications without a friend. Then they skip front in time and see once Scrooge was an apprentice to Mr. Fizziwig. This episode mirrors the Christmas party the Old Fizziwig threw and here is whereby he met the love that his life. As soon as again the ghost skips front to a time once Scrooge and the woman are speaking.

She claims that she has been replaced by a gold idol and also there is not any type of room for she anymore. After this, the an initial Ghost leaves. The next ghost, the Ghost that Christmas present as come to show him how his hostility towards others influence the way people live. The bulk of the trip takes ar at the Cratchits home. Here, Scrooge sees small Tim’s hope and also the togetherness that the family. Then Scrooge is transported to his nephew Fred’s home where that is having his Christmas party. He climate sees that even his nephew mocks him.

Then the ghost bring away him come what would be thought about the bad part of town, under a bridge. There he watch a truly poor family, this one there is no a home. Also here the family members stays together and also refuses to be damaged up, despite their disposition. The Ghost of Christmas present leaves and then the encounters the Ghost of Christmas yet to Come. This ghost is very mysterious, never talking. It merely points v its long, narrow fingers. The step again is the Cratchits, this time sorrow instead of joy.

Tiny Tim has actually died and the family members mourns his passing. Bob simply returned from the cemetery and comments around how beautiful that is. Next, the ghost shows just how the civilization of the city react to a man’s death. No one seems to care about the ns of this wretched human being. Also some civilization steal his belongings the end from under his dead human body in his very own bed.

Scrooge does not realize they space all talking around him till the ghost takes him come the cemetery when Scrooge sees his own gravestone. From this suggest on Scrooge begs the ghost to let him readjust his way of living and shot to change it because that the better. Once Scrooge wakes increase he realizes the it is Christmas Day. The starts his new life the goodwill by buying a compensation goose for the Cratchits. Then he renders a donation come the men that that shooed far the work before and also he join his nephew Fred because that his Christmas dinner and Tiny Tim lives!

The very first ghost, The Ghost that Christmas Past- This apparition comes to Scrooge to display him wherein his pain is comes from and when the turned his life toward the direction the money. The heart was “…like a child; yet not so prefer a child as favor an old man, viewed through some superordinary medium, which offered him the figure of having receded from the view, and also being reduced to a child’s proportion.

It’s hair…was white, as if with age; and yet the face had not wrinkled…It wore a tunic of pure white; and also round the waist was bound a lustrous belt, the sheen of which was beautiful.” (63). The second ghost, The Ghost that Christmas Present- This ghost shows just how Scrooge’s way of living has affected the people with that he has contact. Every man and woman the knows that or to know of him has actually a collection idea of him. A mean, old, stickler. The heart was “… clothed in one simple, deep-green robe, or mantle, bordered v white fur.”(107).

He had a holly wreath, a scabbard there is no a sword, and also dark-brown curls. The 3rd ghost, The Ghost of Christmas however to Come- This 3rd ghost was really mysterious, Scrooge made many of the conclusions throughout this time himself, although very self-explanatory.

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The post that Dickens is trying come get throughout is one of happiness. If you live her life in seclusion, just speaking to those who you must and always being nasty, you have the right to never be truly happy.

Dickens supplies Scrooge as the summary of selfishness and also we are supposed to realize this and contrast it through Tiny Tim’s attitude of caring and also sharing. He is the epitome of joy and also hope. That is the human being in the publication with that we are claimed to learn. The ghosts room the conduit from which we space to know the past, present, and future the an unhappy man.

Life in the 1800s was one of simplicity; everyone seemed to know each various other in your area. World lived and worked in their neighborhood, which brought a greater sense that community and also family values. Part Christmas customs were hanging candles from a tree instead of ornaments. Holidays constantly seemed to it is in a gathering of world to memory the occasion.

The dress in the time period seemed to be height hats, slacks, vest, and also a coat. Native the movie that we watched, the format seemed really formal. When speaking to another person, it to be speaking in proper English, never a ‘Yo’ or a ‘Whaz up’. This is due to the fact that of the time period and the slang us use now had occurred with our generation.

Although an extremely different, that is very, much alike. A Christmas Carol to be a very great book and also a great to it is in learned through all, and in the indigenous of small Tim, “God Bless Us, every one” (130) !