Cindy Crawford, one of the most super of models to everlive, came by to talk to Howard ahead of the release of her new book,“Becoming.” Check out some highlights from the interview below and tune in toHoward 100 on SiriusXM to hear the full show.

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The Benefits Of PlayingDumb

Despite the stereotype, Cindy is no dummy. With a reportedIQ in the range of 150 (though she maintained that she didn’t know), Crawfordwas valedictorian of her high school and got a scholarship to study chemicalengineering at Northwestern — despite not really knowing what that entailed.

In business deals though, she explained, it is sometimeshelpful to play the idiot. “I don’t have to walk in with all of the answers –nobody expects that out of me. So then I can bide my time and gather myinformation before I make a decision.”

Accepting PlayboyDespite The Stigma

One decision that she felt some serious pushback on fromfriends and family was posing for Playboy at a time when doing so could risklucrative cosmetics deals (the sign of success for a model at the time) if shedid so.

Cindy, though, made a clever decision. She recounted: “Isaid, ‘I don’t want a lot of money upfront, but I want the control. I want tobe able to approve every picture. And if I don’t like the pictures or don’tlike the way the story turned out, I want to be able to kill it.”

Ultimately, she remembered, many of the photos from thatshoot could have been in Vogue or any other magazine.

“And it is even weird that in Vogue you can be nude and it’sconsidered art. And then when you take those same pictures and put them inPlayboy, it’s considered pornography,” Howard added.

Vogue: From Model ToSupermodel

Speaking of Vogue, snagging a cover was still theend-all-be-all transition from model to supermodel for Cindy’s generation andher experience was no different.

After doing a “cover try” with the Vogue photographer, Cindywas chosen to be on her first cover in 1986 – but of course she didn’t knowuntil she was in an airport and saw it on the newsstands.

“It’s really huge for cosmetics contracts,” she explained.And in spite of her Playboy shoot, Cindy got the deal with Revlon soonthereafter that really cemented her financially.

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Her Husband’sBromance With George Clooney

Cindy and her husband, Randy Gerber, have been good friendswith George Clooney for years, so Howard took the opportunity to grill herabout Clooney’s new wife, Amal.

“She’s pretty easy to like,” Crawford told Howard. “Thething that’s great about Amal is, you know, she’s so interesting – she’s likethe smartest one at the table usually … but she’s as interested in what you’redoing.”

Later, Howard asked the million-dollar question: “WillGeorge Clooney and Amal have children?”

Five years ago, she said, George was saying it would neverhappen, but he has “surprised” her lately. “Who knows? I would never say never.”