Get ready to sing Oncers! The Once Upon a Time musical episode is virtually below and also the music is sure to get stuck in your head and make you want to sing alengthy. The brand-new episode will contain seven original songs sung by the cast, but some fans may be wondering if the cast deserve to actually sing, specifically when it concerns our favorite swashbuckling pirate in Storybrooke: the one and only Captain Hook. So is Colin O"Donoghue really singing on Once Upon a Time? It transforms out he really is, and also moreover, he actually has an impressive collection of pipes.

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In truth, if you go on YouTube and also type in O"Donoghue"s name, you"ll discover a vast gamlittle of videos of him singing and showcasing his talent. O"Donoghue is an excellent singer in genuine life, which will certainly definitely be made apparent in his OUAT performance. (As if we needed yet one more factor to love him, right?)

During a current interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis revealed that the music — which was written by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, and also written by OUAT composer Mark Isham — are tailored to fit each character that sings. For instance, Hook"s song, "Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine," is all about his pirate life (naturally) and also his ongoing thirst for revenge against Rumple, whereas Snow and also Charming"s duet, "Powerful Magic," centers around the principle of true love. Almost everyone in the cast will certainly sing in the musical episode, consisting of Emma, Regina, Zelena, Henry, Granny, Grumpy, and also Geppetto.

As for why the characters will be swept up in the music, it"s all because of a wish, reportedly. According to the episode summary, Scurrently and also Charming made a wish (through a flashback) to encertain that Emma would certainly be safe and also for some factor that wish reasons every one to sing. Naturally, the Evil Queen isn"t a fan of all the singing, however that doesn"t soptimal her from singing too.

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The remarkable music isn"t the only thing to look forward to in Sunday"s brand-new episode, yet. The main occasion will be Emma and Hook"s wedding, which will absolutely happen despite the Babsence Fairy"s continued existence in Storybrooke and the looming "Final Battle."

Kitsis stated during the very same Entertainment Weekly interwatch that Emma is taking her mother"s advice to "live her life," and not worry about the future and also what it might bring. The idea of the musical was purposecompletely centered approximately Emma"s wedding and will relate to her overall character journey in some means. "Each song is built in a method that"s taking care of what"s going on via the characters and also what"s going on with the story," Horowitz added. "We"re trying to move towards something. It builds to that wedding, which — prefer whatever in the episode — we hope is filled via a few other surprises."

You can find what those surprises are once Once Upon a Time airs on ABC on Sunday, May 7 at 8 p.m. ET.