Loved because that its nostalgia and also warm recollections the Christmases past, Christmas Tree is just one of the world's ideal known vacation designs because its arrival in 1938. Each season sees wonderful new introductions because that collectors both old and also new. Christmas Tree adds a distinctive charm to every table -- celebrating traditions and creating memories. Prepared for snacks?

Individual key Diameter - side to Side: 12''Set Size: 1Primary Material: EarthenwareMicrowave Safe: Yes

Give your table some charm with this Berkman Santa Comes home Melamine Dinner Plate. It combines an eye-catching holiday style with holiday colors and also a simple modern-day shape to accentuate any setting with a hefty serving of character.

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Individual bowl Diameter - next to Side: 11''Set Size: 6Primary Material: MelamineMicrowave Safe: NoChip Resistant: Yes

Ceramic bowl decorated through a cheeky pat on the classic holiday tune are base by an elegant handprinted sample in black and also green. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this set form the Lowell by Sheree arsenal for Gallerie II is a fun gift or a spunky serving piece for your holiday get-togethers. Each plate actions 8 x 8'.

Individual plate Diameter - side to Side: 8''Set Size: 1Microwave Safe: Yes

Individual key Diameter - next to Side: 7.875''Set Size: 2Primary Material: EarthenwareMicrowave Safe: Yes

Conjuring up the earthy color this rustic colorful mix, and match plate provides a natural brown rim and organic speckling. Stylish and unique, the plate offers the perfect balance that nature and also fine art.

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Individual key Diameter - next to Side: 8.5''Set Size: 6Primary Material: Porcelain ChinaMicrowave Safe: Yes

The time-honored legacy for leave milk and cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas night is now achieved in a most stylish way. The clever milk carton shape and also the whimsical architecture elements from this cookies and also milk for Santa collection a truly unique and also festive Christmas decoration. Sure to accumulate smiles every year as your loved ones reap leaving cookies and milk for Santa, castle will display this joyful vacation accent year ~ year and think that you. Cute and functional, this delightful gift collection is a fun present for household holiday parties and also is a perfect Christmas gift because that anyone that enjoys unique holiday decor. Looks good on a kitchen counter and it to add a happy keep in mind to tabletops and mantels, too. Carefully crafted that glazed ceramic. Hand washes only.

Overall: 5.9'' H x 8.25'' W x 6.3'' L