On lot of occasions I have seen creates where it needs to be declared what the nation of Issue and what the nation of Citizenship is.What is the difference in between the two, if her passport is approve by a consulate in a foreign country. Technically the soil of a consulate belongs to its very own country. For this reason both the nation of issue and also citizenship need to be the same. At least that is what I would certainly say. However if this is the case, why perform some creates require to to fill in both?


DavidRicherby would certainly that imply that nation of problem is country Y if that consulate worries a passport for nation X?
Although no common, part countries problem passports come non-citizens together well. As you may have noticed, the data page of a passport frequently states the nationality or citizenship the the holder in a separate field and also the citizenship may actually different from the issuing country.

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One example is laissez-passer records or emergency passports, which may be authorize by international governments. Because that example, if friend occupychristmas.org to a country without a diplomatic representation from your residence country and lose her passport, your home nation may have an agreement with a third country to help you with a short-term emergency passport.

Another example is the british Passport, which can be approve to all British nationals, also if they room not brothers citizens (British nationality law makes a clean difference in between "nationals" and "citizens").

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From the ESTA website (which i was reading just as you posted the question!):

Your "Country of Issue" is the same as your "Country the Citizenship". For instance, if you are a citizen of the united Kingdom, however are gaining your passport from the UK Consulate in Hong Kong, the UK is your country of issue. The UK Consulate might be located in Hong Kong, but Hong Kong is not the country issuing girlfriend the passport.

However, it"s worth noting that some develops word this differently, and also ask for ar of worry or authority that issued it. Then it might be different.

For example, mine current brand-new Zealand passport.

Country the citizenship: brand-new Zealand, clearly.

But whereby it to be issued? I was in London, UK, and also the ar in the passport says "DIA LON". (Department of internal Affairs, London). This is the identification Services Office in London - often referred to as the London Passport Office - and is responsible because that the issuing and also renewals of new Zealand Passports in the unified Kingdom and also Ireland.

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So once it says ar of issue, that"s normally what gets put down for me, or as soon as it asks for "Authority" as that"s the specified field in the passport as well.