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The late country singer"s band also, Backroad Anthem, released his last music video for their song "Torn" on Tuesday. The video was shot last year, the band also explained on their Facebook web page.

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"We wanted to lastly release the video and share through everyone so you could have a chance to check out Craig doing what he loved," the article reads. "We are so proud of just how it turned out, and also we recognize Craig was also."

"Torn" Official Music Video

Last year we shot a music video for our song, Torn. We wanted to ultimately release the video and also share via everyone so you might have actually a possibility to watch Craig doing what he loved. We are so proud of how it turned out, and we recognize Craig was too

WATCH: Craig Strickland"s Body Camouflaged by Debris, Official Cause of Death Yet to be Determined

Backroad Anthem"s manager, Peter Hartung, additionally took to Facebook on Tuesday to share a couple of words around 29-year-old Strickland also, whose body was discovered on Monday morning alongside Kaw Lake in Kay County, Oklahoma.

"Craig was the epitome of the type of perboy you love to be around; positive, funny, charismatic, enthusiastic, and ridiculously inspired by what was later on of his band," Hartung composed. " ... We will certainly miss him so much and also think about him forever before. Rest in tranquility my friend, so glad you came right into my life and also so sad it was for so brief of a time. Your voice will sing in my heart forever."

At the same time, Strickland"s wife, Helen Elizabeth Strickland, is staying as positive as she can in the time of the tragedy. On Tuesday night she mutual that she saw Chase Morland"s visitation -- Strickland"s 22-year-old frifinish who likewise died after the two embarked on a duck searching pilgrimage late last month -- and also carried alengthy Strickland"s dog, Sam, who made it through.

"We had actually the possibility to go to Chase Morland"s visitation tonight," Helen Instagrammed alongside a photo of herself smiling. “He was so loved by so many type of human being. It was encouraging to be approximately his wonderful friends and also family. Sam was likewise invited ❤ He has truly been a comfort to all of us. We are so thankful the Lord blessed us with such an extraplain pup."

On Wednesday, more details about Strickland"s death were released by the Oklahoma Highmethod Patrol (OHP). Strickland"s body was discovered by a member of the OHP Marine Enforcement Section who was on foot on Monday, and also the body was respanned in "thick tree and also brush" that made Strickland also challenging to find because of the camouflage hunting gear he was wearing, ET learned.

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner"s Office has yet to determine the cause of Strickland"s death. However, tbelow is no indication of drug or alcohol usage and also they carry out not suspect foul play.

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Helen common in an previously Instagram post that she believes he passed away of hypothermia.

WATCH: Helen Elizabeth Strickland also Shares Touching Wedding Video of Late Husband also Craig

"The night of the accident he had actually battled his means out of the water and up a hill before the stperiods of hypothermia collection in," she created on Monday alongside a heartbreaking photo of the two together. "He skilled no pain in his final moments and simply felt favor he was falling asleep."

"There was not a much more calm way for him to go into the arms of our Lord, and I recognize your prayers had actually a role in making that take place," she included. "I understand he witnessed Jesus at that moment when he lhelp down and walked arm in arm through Him right into a better Everlasting Life. I love you via all my heart Craig Michael."