Cuba Gooding Jr. Naked in the brand-new FX collection ‘The world vs. O.J.Simpson: American Crime Story’. That looks choose Cuba had actually to placed on part weight come resemble O.J. Better. We’re trying to imagine which among these stars has actually the bigger dick. What do you think?

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Cuba Gooding JR. Poolside, shirtless and enjoying a glass the white wine. He continues to look much better and better and hardly appears to age. He has a brand-new movie coming out in 2012 ‘Red Tails’, but don’t expect any nude scenes.

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Cuba Gooding Jr Shirtless

Cuba Gooding Jr nude In Shadowboxer

When us came throughout these shirtless and also nude pics of Cuba Gooding Jr., we were prefer ‘Whoa, what brand-new movie space these from?’. Transforms out they are from a 2006 movie referred to as ‘Shadowboxer’ the we totally missed. The high quality of screencaps is getting so great these days that it’s sometimes difficult to tell as soon as the movie was filmed. Hope you gain the Cuba Gooding Jr. Naked ass picture.

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This isn’t the ideal quality the picture, however it does display Cuba Gooding Jr. Half naked. I think this is native the movie “Jerry Maguire”, but I could be wrong. I’ve constantly liked Cuba together an actor, he has played some amazing roles end the years. He’s additionally one the the finest looking nude masculine celebs in Hollywood, there’s no question about that. The yellow chains and earrings may be a little bit much, yet he can pull that off.