Plus, john Mayer helps Katy Perry prepare for the Super key halftime show. And Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts comment on Cake.

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Each week, mock Duboff looks at the best celebrity news—and amuses himself by imagining just how those celebrities could have reacted.

Jennifer Aniston sits at the exact same table as Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts at the SAGs.

Jennifer Aniston whispers to Justin Theroux, “Do girlfriend wanna step out and also get some fresh air?” Justin jumps up, and the 2 of lock slink out together.

Cake, i think,” Julia bring away a long sip of her wine. “Who f--king knows?”

“She look at ugly in it, right? it is the idea?”

Julia makes large air quotes. “Yes, ugly.” She frowns. “And the negative thing couldn’t occupational out for 3 months.”

Meryl cackles. “I gave up mine exercise regime for Into the Woods, too. So, so difficult. It’s just so tough, act the work, gift an actor.”

“Has anyone actually watched her movie? that’s my question. Don’t you have the sense it’s simply her, like, in a cashmere robe whining, ‘I can not workout,’ and also scrolling on she phone on a couch?”

Meryl jabs Julia’s shoulder. “Quiet, they’re coming back.”

Julia shoots them a fast look, prior to whispering come Meryl. “Did they acquire a spray tan while they were ‘getting part air’?? Their encounters look one entirely various shade, somehow.”

Katy Perry is collection to do in the Super bowl halftime show.

John Mayer closes the refrigerator and looks over to the sofa. “You’re in her kangaroo onesie. What’s walk on?”

Katy frowns. “Nothing.” She bring away a handful of Cheetos indigenous the bowl alongside her. “I’m simply . . . I dunno.”

John sit down. “It’s a vast deal. Much more people are going to be watching you do than at any kind of time in your entire career. This makes playing Madison Square Garden choose . . . Playing a bar in the eastern Village.”

“Thanks, John. Really helpful. What space you gonna phone call me next, Taylor Swift is here with a pizza?”

“You love pizza.”


“Listen, that all, friend know, too huge to fail. It’s such a substantial production. Nothing have the right to go wrong. You’re fine, babe, you’re walk to it is in great.”

“Since once did girlfriend become, like, Colin Firth?”

“What?” john starts rubbing she feet. “Don’t take the end your anxiety on me.”

Katy was standing up. “I’m walking out. I need some hopeful energy about me.”

John shakes his head. “Are you gonna go talk points out with Lenny?”

Katy transforms around. “Oh mine God, you’re still jealous i asked Lenny Kravitz come cameo rather of you, aren’t you? It’s claimed to it is in a high-energy show, John.”

“Well, you know what, maybe me and also my low, low energy will message Taylor Swift to see if she desires to hang out on Sunday night.”

Katy walks out of the room. “Have a frickin’ blast,” she shouts. “Enjoy the heat milk . . . And crafting!”

“Crafting?” john mumbles, as he takes out his phone, instinctively acquisition a selfie.

Emma Watson will play Belle in live-action Beauty and the Beast.

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Daniel Radcliffe call Emma Watson. That goes to voice mail. “Emma, hi! recognize it’s to be a while, and also everything, and you’ve been everywhere the place, act such remarkable stuff! You’re most likely at part gala with Beyoncé and also Jennifer Lawrence now, eating caviar, or whatnot. I just mean, you recognize . . . I’m losing the thread here! together you know, it is an ongoing problem for me. O.K.! simply wanted to say: that’s shattering news around Beauty and also the Beast! girlfriend were clearly made for the role. Five God, I’m no trying to be flirty or lascivious. You room obviously so intelligent, and Beauty—or, Belle, i guess is her appropriate name—is really intelligent. She’s fine read! Famously so! Anyway, congrats! and if you males are searching for a Beast, you have my number! Or if you no still have actually it, you have actually it now that I’ve dubbed you and left this voice mail. I simply say everything, apparently. So, yeah, Beast. I’m certain you’re gonna go v Harry layouts or one of those Hemsworth giants, yet don’t forget: I can sing! and also I’ve got a most hair! and also it might be a small Harry Potter reunion. But, you know, overlook me! I’m simply a daffy English bloke. Through the way, us must talk about those mass texts Rupert keeps sending. The like, ‘No one desires to check out a picture of her boat!’ . . . Alright, let me understand when you’re ago in London, if you desire to get some tea! DanRad out. Yikes, I’ve never ever said the before. DanRad out? What am ns doing?”