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and also now i play ~ above the playstation. 4. So now there s a you understand it s 60 frames per second. It s very very fun.

i really enjoyed the pvp. The plays a bit in different ways from the old ones. Since of the 60 frames per 2nd and i m actually loving it however let s begin with this quirky ass weapon since this weapon is unlike any kind of other weapon and also the very same is as the other weapon likewise the other exclusive weapon is the exact same thing. So a an excellent sword of the 4 lord actually an abilities with hollowing and also you have the right to see the negative scaling when you as soon as you re not winning a human like a lot.

and also it s no a line not prefer a lost sinner. That s not cryptic. It s simply straight flat out handicapped. If you re play it together a human being so this weapon.

If you desire to use in pvp because that invasions. That s impossible. If you want to use it for together a hold you have to you understand be as hollow as possible to gain the complete scale and if you desire to play with pve you have the right to use the ring that binding to counterweight that that health worry health problem. But if you want to usage a pvp.

The only way you can use it with its full potential. Without losing hp is play in the arena. So play an arene if you go if you start and also they re in a totally hollow you will gain back your complete health in the arena. But likewise maintain the scaling therefore in a way we can call this weapon.

A rena weapon. Since you can not use that reliably. Uneven you re in the arena. Since as you stated you can not invade wild hollow.


and also you do not want to fight one handicap. Either together a totality so usually you ll find people using this in their ena and too bad. I didn t watch a single person play it although. I just played for two days favor a pair of hrs this is like only two sittings.

but i didn t discover a solitary guy using this weapon and also because maybe. It s a you understand weird exactly how you need to use this look. Therefore where do you acquire this weapon. You need to kill the invader for long a pair of times.

for this reason the very first four times you gain each time a item for the armor. And then the 5th time you acquire the grape sword and also the sixth time you obtain the sight. So now that we understand where you get the weapon. Allow s start with the requirements.

and the scaling top top the weapon. For this reason it requires 20 in strength and also 15 dexterity and 10 in faith and also intelligence. And also it has ac in darcy. Scaling and strength d in dexterity and d in dark now when you want to go an initial when i experienced this weapon.

I stated let me you recognize infuse it v dark due to the fact that this is what i made sense in the beginning and also by the way. This weapon has a high bleed damage. Very high heat damages anyways in the dark version. That was okay it did great damage reputable damage.

The moveset is straightforward for this weapon. It s precisely the exact same as macedon good sword a dragon good sword. Ns think it s cool carry out you recognize this this moves that same exactly it s actually i m annoyed. I didn t add actually just a single thing that makes this weapons moves at distinctive there s naught unique around the relocate sir.

however when i when it s dark. The s just normal dark weapon. That s just how it felt because that me and also then i realized when you infuse this with this badass with believed you actually acquire a buff in the base damage of the physical damage and also ever so slightly a decrease in the scaling prefer i lost 20 damage for physical damages on scaling and also you gain a buff for dark damage and the scaling for dark damage. Do not ask me why this is among the monster weapons.


You understand the previous weapons. Whereby you you infuse. It and also just gained a straight up buff. Prefer the what s referred to as the barb for instance club.

ns think we pre patch. It provided to it is in yeah supplied to have that thing so yeah. Therefore doing a bleed is just level out much much better than the regular version and also and i tried in the dark build. Ns did ns went because that high intelligence and also and faith and also and ~ above the on mine bleed build.

ns went just precise requirement for you for utilizing dark weapon. I m sorry is ns think is 16. Intelligent and also 14 faiths and also that s it and i also the staff. I didn t girlfriend know consider it to wait top top the weapon.

I simply buffed the dark and just placed it out of my inventory for the equip load. Therefore this weapon. What s really nice around it i think the s the king of bleed weapons. King of the bleed weapons guys.

This bleed ~ above this weapon is so high. I think the s the greatest in the game. Ns m not sure i think possibly the cream color king ultra drake ford once both with bleed has actually a better one. But don t forget the s one ultra great sword so great luck like gaining multiple access time so straightaway as soon as i thought once i experienced how an excellent is and also bleed.

ns went and i got you understand the shadow gauntlets i beg your pardon you gain by the method same place as prior to although your shadow opponents in the game. They do not drop the armor. I do not know why and i was utilizing the search blood ring. I m sorry you get crest that blood ring.

which you gain from the covenant. The blood that brotherhood that blood both that these raised bleep after ns did the guys and also by the method bleed gained a buff in a means not a buffer. A statistical buff. It gained a buff.


You know now at the very least you understand your enemy got bled. And also how is the you will certainly hear heart beats. When people think however you can barely hear that on this video. Although ns think every encounter.

i did i bled the person like you have the right to bleed world with one guard break literally. I ve done that one guard break at no various other hit before that a one bleed just from one back stuff. This weapon. When it concerns bleed and also retaining the physical damage and a most damage.

ns think this weapon is ideal even better than the a chinois ashen sword the ashen warrior sword. I think one from the dlc due to the fact that this bleed is so incorporated with the weapon. You do not even need to think around bleed. It simply bleeds everyone everyone favor two 3 hits and also i article a pair of people and also they claimed it activates like exceptionally fast.

One fight is much more than fifty percent of the bar. Girlfriend know and also i think every repost. I ve done to be a girlfriend know instant bleed. So the bleed stacks were actual damage.

So girlfriend do enormous damage and also they will certainly be handicapped from the bleed. So it s actually exceptionally fun to check out a really very dependable bleed weapon for the first time like without utilizing you understand the bleed buff items. It s quiet very great bleed for any type of weapon and also in regards to them is just damages is still an extremely reliable up and also i choose the damages even when you have an excellent magic barrier. When your enemy has great magic barrier is it still deserve to dish out a lot of damage.

yet what i found out to work good with this weapon is come put one more fast bleed weapon and also in mine case. You recognize i just uncovered in mine inventory. I took the bandit knife. Due to the fact that it has an extremely bleep damage and also i want without buffing and bleed.

I just want a quick weapon because every time girlfriend you hit with the rapid weapon on her left hand it increases the speed hitting through your good sword prefer like constantly this was the case before but so you have the right to do a many you know an ext attacks and also strategy and also tactical moves as soon as using one more weapon absolutely especially v a rapid weapon like the bandit knife and bleeding people is a piece of cake guys and ever. I never ever thought would certainly be that simple to bleed civilization bleed. That s simply integrated and also now. Over there is lacerating arrows in the game.


I found like 40. Justin hunt man scopes and i found the initial ones in the camp. I don t know there s more. But you ll have like 50 miscellaneous although i didn t usage them i maybe used a pair of times.

once i just took the bow for just ending my opponent. Yet you can additionally integrate that v the weapon. I m sorry is great and mentioning all the things i mentioned. Ns think this water looks.

The best great sword in the video game for me. That looks badass. Because maybe ns m its buff dark. Currently you winner t watch the yes, really weapon.

but this weapon looks glorious prefer why walk they execute that thing about the hollowing hollowing mechanic. I know it s for lower reasons. But they just ruined the ideal looking good sword because that them since many civilization won t be utilizing it i usage the pve and it s still an excellent i have the right to actually even bve. The bleed damage is far-reaching significant together i claimed bleed on this weapon is superb superb weapons so over there s nothing else to add about this weapon.

i hope you try it yourself tell me what friend think around it call me if i miss out on something of choose i had something i didn t point out by the weapon. But before we complete up i really want to do event 3vs3 on scholar of the person on playstation. 4. And if you have actually something to include like exactly how we have the right to go towards that goal where we deserve to play and do this event.

Please mention in the comments because it s extremely cool playing three versus three and actually law co op. Having four world is also really fun therefore after. Please point out put. In the comments.

What you think around the where should we should meet and also all that and also all many thanks a lot for watching guys. And also i ll watch you on mine next video bye. ” ..

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