\"Taylor Swift simply gets me,\" is something I\"ve told anyone that will listen over the past two days. It\"s no secret that Swift\"s brand-new album 1989 is her ideal yet and on Tuesday, the singer announced the \"Blank Space\" is 1989 \"s 2nd single. I m sorry is good news and further proof the T Swift and also I are associated on an extremely high level, considering \"Blank Space\" is the finest song top top 1989 and also my an individual favorite. (Seriously, if friend hear someone muttering, \"Darling, I\"m a nightmare dressed favor a daydream\" under their breath as they go by, it\"s probably me.) yet aside from gift perfect, there\"s something amazing going on in this song — \"Blank Space\" paints Swift as an off-her-rocker date/girlfriend. Which totally can\"t it is in the case, right?

I mean, this is the same T Swift the hangs out v her cats, bakes cookies, is obsessed v Tumblr, and plainly binge-watches TV throughout her days off (her cats are named Olivia Benson and also Meredith Grey — don\"t shot to call me she hasn\"t checked out an SVU marathon). That doesn\"t necessarily translate to a kind-of predatory, emotionally rough woman that\"s constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and also believes that guys only choose love as soon as it hurts. Right?

Thus, i feel the need to explain what my dear imagine BFF really way when she sings around her exes calling her \"insane.\"

\"You look prefer my next mistake/ Love’s a game, want to play?\"

Explanation: This is Swift in the dairy ar of her regional Gristedes. It\"s too quickly for holiday-flavored non-dairy creamer, yet she can\"t help it. She\"s therefore in love and also she can\"t stop.

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\"So it’s gonna be forever/ Or it’s gonna go down in flames\"

Explanation: Swift\"s a an excellent baker, however is she a chef? She\"s certainly singing about the possibility of accidentally burning her new NYC apartment under by gaining too excited with these housewarming gifts.

\"You can tell me once it’s over/ If the high to be worth the pain\"

Explanation: What Swift\"s in reality talking about here is not romance spiked through pain, yet a girlfriend or potential date\"s an initial time at SoulCycle. She stays in NYC now, she\"s walking to start hitting that location up on the regular any day now.

\"Got a long list that ex-lovers/ They’ll phone call you i’m insane\"

Explanation: What specifically does \"insane\" mean? because my friend calls me \"insane\" every one of the time since I love our cats so lot (yes, I have actually two — Taylor and I are spirit sisters). It\"s no an enig that Swift loves her cats more than anything and also for non-cat ladies, that can be interpreted as \"insane.\"

\"It’ll leaving you breathless/ Or with a nasty scar\"

Explanation: Not around love, just the high crest of throwing caution to the wind and also actually going down a Slip\"n\"Slide. Swift\"s such an old soul, daronger decisions prefer this are an overwhelming for she to make.

\"Find the end what you want/ Be the girl because that a month\"


Explanation: Obviously this is about Swift joining Tumblr, realizing the someone wanted her to be this \"Becky\" person, and also joining in ~ above the joke for long sufficient to have actually a t-shirt made. But at the one-month point, she\"s going back to being regular, old T Swift. For this reason don\"t get any ideas.

\"Wait the worst is yet to come, five no/ Screaming, crying, perfect storm/ I can make every the tables turn\"

Explanation: Swift\"s not talking about herself here, she\"s talking around you when she suddenly whoops her ass at pool. Oh exactly how the tables turn when she access time that impossible trick shot.

\"Rose gardens filled v thorns/ keep you 2nd guessing like/ \"Oh my God, who is she?\"\"

Explanation: The web is a strange location — it\"s therefore wonderful, until civilization actually begin thinking you\"re \"Becky\" IRL.

\"I gain drunk on jealousy\"

Explanation: We\"re simply hearing this all wrong — Swift\"s actually singing, \"I obtain drunk top top whi-is-key,\" around that one time she day-drank and cooked with Ina Garten.

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\"But you’ll come back each time girlfriend leave/ \"Cause darling ns a nightmare dressed favor a daydream\"

Explanation: No, she\"s not your nightmare. This is just one the those \"I can\"t even\"-like exaggerations. Swift\"s really just (unnecessarily) apologizing for how she looks once she wakes up in the morning (possibly after ~ a day of drinking through Ina) due to the fact that she normally looks therefore perfect.