Total Divas: The 10 Greatest Partners, Ranked Total Divas puts the focus on the women of WWE but their romantic partners have been able to steal the show on several occasions.

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Total Divas Partners ranked
With Total Divas putting all of its focus onto the women of WWE, whether it"s Nikki and Brie Bella or Naomi, the show has some fantastic women"s wrestlers who showcase their lives. They"re often the ones who bring the drama both in and out of the ring, but their personal lives are just as big a part of the show, and that brings their partners into things as well.

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Some of those people end up being within the wrestling industry as well, yet others are from outside of that world which brings a totally different dynamic to the show. But out of all the partners, who has been the best?

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young in Total Divas
Dean Ambrose was totally different from any partner on the entire show, which is what instantly made him stand out amongst the rest. Unlike other people, Dean didn"t play up to the cameras, and typically did the total opposite of what most would expect.

However, that"s what made him so much fun on the show. He would come out with hilarious one-liners and his relationship with Renee Young is one that oozed coolness. They might not have been the most featured couple on the show, but whenever Dean was involved, he would always be entertaining.

9 Travis Browne

Travis Browne and Ronda Rousey
Travis Browne joined the show when his partner Ronda Rousey became one of the core cast members and he was someone who surprised people by how great he was. Their way of life is an interesting one, having their own farm and seeing how hard he worked at all of that was excellent.

Plus, Travis was brilliant at building Ronda up with her business ideas, while also being a great sounding board for her when she had concerns about her start in the wrestling business.

Tyson Kidd and Natalya in Total Divas
Tyson Kidd is the partner of Natalya, who is the only member of the cast to have featured on every single season of the show. Because of that, their relationship has been heavily focused on, with all the ups and downs that have come with it.

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At times, Tyson hasn"t put much effort in and it has left Nattie frustrated. Yet at others, Tyson has been romantic and kind, and because they"ve known each other for so long, their relationship is by far the most genuine on the show, which has made him one of the best partners.

7 The Miz

TheMiz on Total Divas
The Miz joined the show when his wife, Maryse was brought into the cast, and he immediately became a big star. He was so passionate about everything that he did on the show, with he and Maryse having an amazing relationship that was great to see unfold.

The fact that the couple has since gained their own reality spin-off show, known as Miz & Mrs proves just how great he was here. The Miz really knew how to push the entertainment aspect of the reality show, probably thanks to his history on The Real World.

Jonathan Coyle was one of the non-wrestling partners and because he wasn"t actually part of the industry he brought a refreshing approach to things. The manner in which he spoke about things with Eva Marie was very business-like, which made for some interesting moments between them.

They had quite an open relationship which led to them discussing a lot of big topics confidently. which made them feel very relatable. They didn"t hide things or shy away from big issues such as Eva"s reasoning for not drinking and Jonathan"s religious beliefs.

5 Rusev

When it comes to pure entertainment, there have been few on the show as fun as Rusev. Sadly, with him no longer being part of WWE, it"s unlikely he will ever be on Total Divas again. However, he and Lana were always a lot of fun together on screen.

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The show went through everything with them as a couple, including both of their weddings. He was always up for having a laugh, but Rusev was also sweet and kind-natured towards his wife, truly being her biggest fan.

Vincent Isayan wasn"t involved in the wrestling business, but he was one of the best partners to have been on the show. He was the partner of Ariane and Vincent was supportive, kind, and truly caring towards her, showcasing great love and respect.

He was often over the top with his behavior on the show, perhaps trying a little too hard to be entertaining. But on a reality show, that is exactly what people want to see, and it"s why he became so popular.

3 John Cena

John Cena was undoubtedly the biggest name to appear on the show, and while he is no longer in a relationship with Nikki Bella, the two of them were together for a long part of the show. Despite the fact Cena was the face of WWE at the time, he was open and entertaining, which made him a great part of the series.

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Cena was romantic and hilarious, and people really got to see a different side of him within this show. He managed to perfectly blend the serious with the funny.

Jimmy Uso has been one of the funniest and most entertaining members of the show, with his relationship with Naomi being an open and honest one. The two of them have a lot of fun together, often playing jokes on each other which brought a delightful dynamic to things.

Jimmy was often involved in big group moments on the show, such as trips away or nights out. That hasn"t been the case with every partner on the show, and that"s what made him stand out.

1 Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has been one of the greatest parts of Total Divas, showcasing nothing but kindness and intelligence. He"s very different from most people on the show, as Bryan isn"t someone who often shares his private life, so opening up in the manner he does is fantastic.

Bryan brings some hilarious moments to the show, often not taking himself too seriously which made him entertaining to watch. However, Bryan has had some emotional moments on Total Divas, speaking about the tough times in a candid manner.

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