Our Destiny 2 Sleeper Simulant guide consists of all the quest procedures to acquire this powerful Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle.

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A fan favourite returns from the original Destiny, that’s ideal, Sleeper Simulant is ago. It still sporting activities the exact same enormous stopping power from the initially game, and also retains its distinct looking framework also.

It’s a Liclose to Fusion Rifle, which means that as soon as you hold down the cause it charges up a beam of energy. Let go and it’ll release this stored up power in one exact burst. As this is Sleeper Simulant of course, the damages output is something else once compared to your bog conventional Exotics. This thing packs an huge punch, making it a perfect companion to aid you dispose of burly, high health enemies.

Since it’s so powerful, Bungie hasn’t made it a simple weapon to obtain- much from it. You’ll have to meet a variety of concealed procedures in order to unlock Sleeper Simulant and also begin melting opponents in one swarm.

Below we’ve put together a guide on all the steps you’ll should finish to unlock Sleeper Simulant.


How to unlock Sleeper Simulant

Here’s everything you’ll need to perform in order to gain your hands on this Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle.

Credit goes to Youtuber Ehroar, Redditor Reversedd and also xHOUNDISHx for the information and also footage.

First, you’ll need to finish the Warmind campaign.Once you"ve completed the project, talk to Zavala, collect your rewards, then talk to Ana Bray.Ana Bray will certainly then offer you a pair of brand-new Missions to take on. Complete Missions "Legacy Code", and also then "A Piece of the Past". You"ll get the IKELOS_HC_v1.0.1 Hand Cannon as a reward.Equip the Hand also Cannon.Ana will certainly then have actually a new Mission referred to as "Violent Intel". This will certainly task you through killing Hive and Cabal opponents through headshots till you fill up the percent bars.Complete this, and also you"ll be tasked with "Rasputin"s Culling". This requires you to defeat Powerful Enemies through this Hand Cannon equipped.After this you"ll have to complete 5 Heroic Strikes to beat the "Warmind"s Glory" mission.Next off you"ll be tasked via a Mission dubbed "Nodes and Protocols". You"ll need to complete 3 Escalation Protocols and also access 15 Sleeper Nodes.Now you"ll need to replay the Will of the Thousands Strike through the Hand Cannon equipped to complete the "Perfect Form" Mission.Ana Bray will certainly be waiting for you via Sleeper Simulant!

For a break down of how to crack open Sleeper Nodes, you"ll want to check out our Override Frequency guide!

Sleeper Simulant Stats

Here’s a break down of Sleeper Simulant’s stats and also perks.

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Video by xHOUNDISHx


Attack: 345Charge Time: 850Magazine: 2


Composite Stock: This tools has a versatile dual function stock. Slightly increases stcapability and managing rate.Moving Target: Increased activity rate and targain acquisition while aiming down sights.Flared Magwell: Optimised for quick reloading. Slightly boosts stability and also greatly rises repack speed.Polygonal Rifling: Barrel optimised for recoil reduction. Increases stcapability.Dornroschen: The weapon’s laser overpenetrates adversaries and refracts off tough surfaces.