v the current announcement that weapon mods are transforming in Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep, here\"s what every present weapon mod does.

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Destiny 2 will be making a significant change come weapon mods in the Shadowkeep expansion, no much longer making mods consumables. However instead, like exactly how armor mods will work under the new Armor 2.0 system, as soon as a player has actually unlocked a mod, the will continue to be unlocked and also can it is in slotted easily into any kind of weapon without losing it.

with that in mind, Destiny 2 players will certainly be able to more freely experiment with builds and synergy between their armor, weapons, and also subclasses. This news has introduced a brand-new pursuit into the video game just weeks prior to Shadowkeep for any player who does not have actually a full collection that weapon mods.

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In the attention of going right into Shadowkeep prepared, players need to acquaint themselves v every mod and what lock do. Right here are all the weapon mods currently accessible in the game before Shadowkeep launches and what lock do:

back-up Mag: rises magazine ceo Spec: increases damage against bosses and also vehicles by 7.5% Counterbalance Stock: reduces recoil by adding +15 Recoil Dragonfly Spec: boosts the radius and damage the Dragonfly Freehand Grip: rises accuracy and also ready rate while firing indigenous the i know good Icarus Grip: enhances accuracy when airborne major Spec: transaction extra damage against an effective enemies by 7.5% minor Spec: deals extra damage versus rank-and-file adversaries by 7.5% Quick accessibility Sling: Swap tools much faster for a short duration after ~ emptying the magazine Radar Booster: Slightly boosts the selection at i beg your pardon radar detects enemies Radar Tuner: Radar automatically returns as soon as you avoid aiming down sights Rampage Spec: rises duration the Rampage acceleration Grip: Temporarily boosts the weapon\"s all set speed and also aim under sights speed after sprinting surrounding Spec: boosts the damages granted by Surrounded. Bonus damages lingers because that a short time once no longer surrounded by 3 or an ext enemies take away Spec: boosted damage versus Taken enemies by 10% Targeting Adjuster: This weapon gains better target salvation

Again, players space only forced to have one that these mode in your inventory, so any type of duplicates have to absolutely be dismantled for mod Components. The weapon mode in players inventory will automatically convert come the new weapon mod mechanism with the launch of Shadowkeep. If players have actually a mode on a particular weapon but not in their inventory together a mod, it will not it is in unlocked. That mod will have to be reacquired or players will have to dismantle the weapon the is equipped on in stimulate to include it earlier to their inventory.

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if Bungie is not adding any kind of Weapon 2.0 system to the game anytime soon, this readjust to weapon mode should have a positive impact as football player will be able to use your mods more often than they right now do. This change joins a number of changes come weapons, consisting of an overall readjust to how weapons execute damage, plus a number of buffs to tools to account because that that damages change.

While not yet revealed, over there are likely to be a new collection that weapon mods included to the game in Shadowkeep. Bungie has slowly added an ext mods in time to the game through expansions choose Forsaken and also seasons together as black Armory. New armor mods in link to the new Garden of Salvation raid to be spotted in a construct of the game at PAX, for this reason it\"s a logical assumption that weapon mods will certainly accompany them. Yet players will uncover out for certain in simply a few weeks when Shadowkeep launches.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep publication October 1, 2019 because that PC, PS4, and also Xbox One, with a Stadia version likewise in development.