All that the Fortnite grill places to destroy with the short N slow-moving harvesting tool for the 14 job of Summer challenges


Fortnite grills are the target because that the latest an obstacle in the 14 days of Summer event, since players need to damage grills with the low N sluggish harvesting tool. This is the an extremely last difficulty in the 14 work of Summer obstacles in Fortnite, so girlfriend won\"t have long to complete it in ~ all. You also need to destroy seven grills in full which might seem like a lot, yet we\"ve got over 20 Fortnite grills below for you come visit and also destroy.

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If you\"re wondering how to obtain the low N slow-moving harvesting device to complete this challenge, you need to ensure you\"ve perfect the Fortnite fireworks difficulty which requires you come launch 3 fireworks uncovered along the flow bank.

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In sky Palms, there\"s 4 Fortnite grills to be found, therefore we\"ve highlighted each of the places specifically ~ above the map above. There\"ll without doubt be multiple players ruining them together you, so shot making a beeline throughout the city to gain all 4 as quickly as possible.

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Over on the various other side of the map is Snobby Shores, which also has four Fortnite grills. Only the middle house doesn\"t have one, so also if there\"s various other players in ~ the opposite end of Snobby, friend should have the ability to get 2 per video game here.

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Finally, here\"s a watch of the complete Fortnite map with an additional 14 Fortnite grills dotted about the place. This isn\"t every one of the Fortnite grills in the game, however it\"s most of them and also if friend plot a route and also get lucky with grills the haven\"t been ruined by other players, girlfriend could complete the entire an obstacle in one complement this way. Ideal of luck, and shot not come burn yourself!

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