What is triggered charcoal, why is Drake using it, and does the really entice “baddies” at the club?
Hip-hop has actually a thing for teeth. Native grillz to diamond crowns to yellow fronts, rappers and singers love flexing high value smiles. Also Cardi B talks around spending a ton the money to deal with her this on “Bodak Yellow.” While many of us space afraid of dentist work, ultimately you grow up and realize just how dope a nice set of pearly whites is. Rappers take it that principle to excessive and also sometimes ridiculous levels. That’s why once Drake posted a photograph of himself on instagram sporting a diamond tooth, it developed the perfect storm the mockery. Hollywood Reporter mentioned “two tiny diamonds glinting indigenous his former teeth” critical year, however Instagram wasn’t ready. Drake + literally something = some internet bullshit. Together a Drake Investigator, I’m below for it.

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Commenters easily pointed the end Drake’s jewel looked less like an outstanding statement of riches and much more like a stray item of spinach. Aubrey responded by asserting the spec was, in fact, a “pink diamond” and also that he, indeed, keeps his teeth clean v “activated charcoal before any kind of club night where sees baddies…” His solution was soon meme’d and also mocked.

Still, I had so countless questions, for this reason I decided to stroked nerves my dentist throughout a checkup and ask about Drake’s diamond tooth. Mine dentist to be pretty chill and also actually i agree to help solve the an enig that is Drake. I’m calling mine dentist Dr. F since apparently there room strict rules when it concerns dentists and also media. That, or Dr. F is unpleasant to be a Drake fan. Understandable. One of two people way, he teach me about getting diamond teeth implants, the dangers of activated charcoal and also how to gain baddies at the club v my teeth, favor Drake.

How execute I acquire a diamond implant favor Drake?Dr. F: There’s two approaches you can gain a diamond inserted in or on your tooth. The very first one, and also it’s something I’ve watched done at tattoo parlors and also beauty salons, is they take it the stone and link it straight on the surface of your tooth. The problem with the is it sticks the end from the surface. It might feel uncomfortable on your lip or break off once you’re eating. The second means to perform it is to in reality drill a tiny divot in the tooth and bond the diamond in that way to it is in flush v the surface of the tooth. It’s going to look and also feel better. It’s an ext durable and cooler.

Are there any kind of risks?If you’re drilling right into your teeth, that’s irreversible. You’re removed good, healthy and balanced tooth because that that.


While I have you, I acquired an electric toothbrush because that Christmas. Is it precious using?Absolutely. Electric toothbrushes give means more strokes per minute, so you’re acquiring a much far better clean.

Thanks. What’s the ideal dental hygiene regimen to attract—as Drake says—“baddies” in ~ the club?Brush and also floss daily and also have confidence in her smile.

How would you rate Drake’s diamond smile?It’s a pretty pretty looking diamond. I think because that a male of his stature despite he might have unable to do a small bigger. Ns think he’s obtaining influenced native his time through Lil Wayne. I mean you need to start small. Baby steps. There’s room to grow.

I’m happy you lugged up Lil Wayne. I lugged some some photos that other vital hip-hop teeth. I understand you’re busy however can you offer your expert opinion and compare them come Drake’s teeth?Okay.

Lil Wayne.We should contact this the gold typical or probably the diamond typical of this bling. Lil Wayne walk all the end with complete coverage with teeth diamonds on the former teeth and also the yellow halo approximately them. It’s yes, really a masterpiece.

Paul Wall.Paul’s look, to me, bring away a hit due to the fact that they space grillz. Lil’s Wayne’s room crowns. If you’re going all in with crowns, you’re the actual deal. Anyone can obtain grillz. Paul is trying to play the part.

Kanye.Kanye has a classic smile here. Ns don’t think he’s had actually too much bling work-related done, but I did see a recent interview with Ellen, and also I think he had a bit of work done. If I check out that sparkle, I’m taking a closer look.


ODB.I think ODB to be going because that Bond rogue look here. I love the gold. That’s classic.

Danny Brown. This is before he obtained dental world.Danny Brown reminds me of a hockey player here. I recommend a confront visor because that that kind of thing. I think Danny’s a good candidate for the grillz. It has actually the sparkle, yet it would also provide a quite fill. Dental implants are another option.

Are you acquainted with Cardi B?No.


She talks about getting dental occupational in “Bodak Yellow.” How large of a “bag” go it take it to solve your teeth? A bag as in money.If you’re going complete crowns, depends on the amount and quality of the diamond. I’m no geologist yet the quality of diamonds deserve to be numerous thousands the dollars. Normal complete makeover, there is no diamonds, ust for the work, is around $30 come $40 thousand dollars. Especially if there space implants.

Drake claims he offers “activated charcoal” come clean his teeth. Does that in reality work?Any product ns recommend to my patients needs to have to be rigorously studied and approved through the dentist associations—Canadian or American. I need to see reputable scholastic sources. There are a many fads out there, but unless it’s to be studied thoroughly, that’s a no. Charcoal may whiten your teeth, however the problem I have is exactly how abrasive that is. You could use sandpaper to whiten your this too, yet could it likewise destroy your gum tissue and enamel?

What space some various other trends in this cleaning we should know about and perhaps sell come Drake?One big one that’s up for debate right now is referred to as oil pulling. You take it sunflower or coconut oil and swish it about in your mouth. It’s purported to remove bacteria, yet unless we’ve seen long term studies on that, it’s no something her dentist is going come recommend. Brush and also floss daily. Tried and tested.

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What is the following teeth connected trend in hip-hop the you desire to see?I guess: v the only thing left is to hang gold chains from your molars, spinners on the front and maybe obtain a few LCD screens in there. Probably Xzibit can get involved. But it’s no something I can professionally recommend.