Digital Monster Ver. S Digimon TamersSystem(s): Sega SaturnPublisher: BandaiDeveloper: BandaiSound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (65 tracks)Peripherals supported: shuttle MouseGenre: maintain Simulation/Ikusei Simulation (育成シミュレーション)<1>, Simulation<2>


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Digital Monster Ver. S Digimon Tamers (デジタルモンスターVer.S デジモンテイマーズ) is a Sega Saturn simulation game.


The game play is usually a recreation that the LCD digital pets, other than that the player deserve to have multiple Digimon in ~ one time. Interactions involve raising a Digimon native birth, feeding it, praising it, scolding it, and also training the to increase stats.

Although the video game has no online capability itself, the atmosphere in i m sorry the video game takes ar is a simulated pc desktop. Players maintain their pet v a program window which deserve to be minimized or maximized. You deserve to also access a virtual Digimon internet community. Amongst the pages had for circumstances are a News page and also a forum which is updated with time with new posts (often including hints or links). By obtaining links, girlfriend can type in a URL in the attend to bar to access a location which may permit the user to download an item, battle, or explore. Friend can additionally link increase with other NPC trainers, or even participate in the adventure scenarios i beg your pardon involve battling versus the hackers (the key antagonists) for medals. The mockup PC interface made the game ideal for the Shuttle mouse accessory, which it supports.


This was in reality the first game to be based upon the famous Digimon franchise, and besides the Bandai WonderSwan counterpart, the just Digimon video game to resemble the Bandai"s LCD toys from i m sorry the franchise to be born.

Both Digimon and also the earlier Tamagotchi franchise were produced by Bandai. Being based upon a comparable concept by the same manufacturer, it is therefore similar to the Tamagotchi video clip games. No surprisingly, Bandai did relax a Saturn entry for Tamagotchi, title Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Park, together a compliment to Digital Monster Ver. S.

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