So I spoke to both of the dogs running roughly the Drifthardwood Fishworks through Ifan. They are both avidly smelling something "out of the ordinary" or "unnatural" or "suspicious" coming from "below the Fishworks".Has anybody found a pursuit related to this, or wright here to access "Below" the Fishworks, or are these just the ramblings of super-hyper-ADHD canines and their ultra-feeling of smelling source/void tainted fish and I"m trying to find something that isn"t actually in the game as a quest? I"m sure others are curious about this also. Haven"t uncovered anypoint yet.

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Ahh nice... SPOILER:I"ll need to inspect it out after I complete seeing all the outcomes of this Magic Djinn lamp that I uncovered. So far the funniest thing I"ve watched is offering it to a vendor. Vendor rubs the lamp --> Djinn is released and goes hostile versus your party and also all sellers in the center of Drifttimber --> Magisters continue to be neutral toward you however are currently fighting all the seller NComputers and the Djinn. Funniest thing I"ve checked out in the game yet.Edit: Literally blood, fire, ice, poichild, oil all over almost everywhere Driftlumber appropriate now. This is hilarious.

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